Innisfil Water Feature Maintenance

When a water fountain is running smoothly, it adds ambience and personality to any property but when they are in bad shape, water features can be a nightmare for homeowners or managers. Unlike turning a tap indoors, outdoor features do not provide crystal clear drinking water and are subject to a wide range of contaminants. When you want to boost your curb appeal and have your fountain looking better than ever, call a Puddle Pro for your Innisfil water feature maintenance.

Keeping a water feature clean involves standard cleaning, as well as seasonal extras and in-depth cleans. In the same way that a pool or hot tub is subject to debris and chemical imbalances, so are water features but they are also prone to mineral deposits, white scale and other unexpected issues. If you are beginning to notice algae buildup, murky water, foul smells or other indicators of a struggle, call in expert water feature cleaning and care.

Water Feature Care: What to Watch Out For

There are plenty of varieties of water fountains on the market, so it is important to approach your water system according to its type, size and style. For example, an indoor fountain has a much lower risk of organic contaminants, but it is prone to manmade types. Everything from a strong wind, to heavy rain can impact the overall water chemistry inside your water system.

A garden fountain is prone to collecting clutter such as leaves, sticks, seed pods, needles, pollen, dust and dirt. This is difficult to clean out of a ground level basin, but larger fountains are even more difficult to handle. In a situation with multiple tiers, this can mean having to stand on slippery surfaces and reach into upper levels, only to end up with a subpar result. It is easy to overlook the unseen areas of a fountain but letting this debris sit can lead to permanent staining and added contaminants.

In addition to removing debris, it is important to pay attention to chemical levels and water balance. Regular cleaning and maintenance involves applying chemicals to reduce the risk of algae growth and keep water clear. Without the right balance it does not take long for water to go murky, looking and smelling awful. Don’t chase customers away or let your curb appeal take a hit when you can have professional care instead.

Anytime that water and electricity are working in the same space, it is a health risk. Taking an amateur approach to cleaning a fountain can lead to an unpleasant shock or unexpected damage. Getting great results for your water system means protecting surfaces, as well as the inner-workings. Without functional outdoor fountain pumps, chemicals and sanitizers cannot circulate and bacteria is able to form in corners, dragging down your overall water condition.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Water Fountain Care in Innisfil

Managing a water fountain means coming up with custom cleaning solutions that cater to your property and its surrounding areas. Trying to apply a one-size fits all cleaning approach to your fountain often does not get the desired results, so let a Puddle Pro tackle your water fountain cleaning.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained in getting results, as well as maintaining safety practices. You never have to worry about the closest electricity outlet, flooded lawns when dropping the water level or tears in liners. Fully insured services provide peace of mind as well as great results, so call today!

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