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Summer is the swimming season but that does not mean that property owners want to wait until July to enjoy their pools. Ontario is known for its long winters, so the second that the sun comes out, property owners want to open up their pool systems. After long periods of disuse, your pool is likely suffering from cloudy water, algae growth, chemical imbalances and other issues. Instead of struggling to clean and balance your system, call a Puddle Pro for your Innisfil pool opening.

Spring Pool Care: When & How to Open Your Pool

Swimming pools might not seem like particularly complex systems, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Pool maintenance is necessary all throughout the year but when opening, there are some additional tasks that need to be done. In order to get the best results, it is important to take a multi-step approach to opening.

Step 1: Remove Debris & Add Chemicals
Over the course of the winter, debris has likely collected, even with a safety cover attached. Dust, dirt, debris, insects and even rodents can make their way into skimmer baskets, and the pool water itself. Removing the debris is an important first step to cleaning pool water. Once sides are scrubbed and debris is removed, chemical treatments can be added to begin the process of cleaning and balancing water. Chemical balancing is a multi-day process and pool chemicals and sanitizers need time to settle before reapplication.

Step 2: Vacuum the Pool and Inspect Equipment & Liners
Winterizing plugs is common practice when closing a pool system, so it is important to ensure that they are opened back up in spring. It is important to ensure that everything from your pool cover to the pump and filter is in great shape before your water system is put live. Pressure gauges are key indicators that your sand filter needs to be emptied and replaced. A trained eye can spot potential issues with liners, such as small tears that will eventually become larger ones. This is also when a second round of chemicals are applied in order to balance the chlorine level, as well as pH levels, total alkalinity and more. Basic test strips might offer insight into basic chemical levels but after months of sitting stagnant you might be experiencing more than standard bacteria and contaminants.

Each step of a pool opening service is full of moving parts. This can seem overwhelming, but not to a Puddle technician. As a pool owner, no one wants to remove the cover from their system only to find a brand new Ecosystem developing within their pool. Ditch the basic tools and testing kits and opt for expert service instead. Experienced pool technicians are able to open drain plugs, monitor your water level, treat water and inspect surrounding areas to avoid unnecessary damage.

Puddle Pool Services: Guaranteed Results For Your Pool Opening

When the average temperature outside reaches 21 degrees, it is time to get on the phone with a Puddle Pro. Having water tested by an expert means creating a safe and sanitary swim space, just in time for the summer season. Eliminate existing algae or prevent it from occurring with proper applications of algaecides.After years in the industry, our team is able to create customized treatment plans according to the unique needs of your pool, whether it be an in-ground or above ground pool.

In addition to being highly trained and experienced, our team of Puddle Pros are fully insured to protect both properties and our technicians. By offering an in-depth, multi-step approach to pool openings, the Puddle technique is able to get the best results for homes and commercial spaces across the Innisfil area.

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