Paris Water Feature Maintenance

For some homeowners, an attractive water fountain just might be the thing that perfects your backyard oasis. In a commercial space, water features can draw crowds and with that customers. No matter where it is, a fountain is a great addition to any space but they need to be kept clean! Just like a pool or hot tub, water features are easily contaminated when they aren’t properly cared for but it can be tough to keep up with the demands of these systems. Instead of struggling to keep fountains clean, call Puddle for your Paris water feature maintenance.

Keeping a water fountain running smoothly means cleaning the areas that you can see, as well as the areas that you can’t. It is easy to overlook the internal water systems that are hard at work behind the scenes but without these, water will just sit stagnant. If circulation systems are not working properly, chemicals are not being circulated and water will be contaminated in no time at all.

Water Fountain Cleaning: Taking the Right Approach

Outdoor and garden fountains are built tough but they aren’t invincible. You might not have to worry about your fountain structures after a heavy rain but if you begin to notice algae growth, damage is right around the corner. If you want to get rid of unsightly growth aiming a power washer at stains or using a hard bristle brush can pull away protective coatings and cause breakage in weakened materials. Instead of taking fountain care into your own hands only to end up with subpar results or unnecessary damage, call a Puddle Pro instead!

Effective water feature care should be carried out in a series of steps, each of which address a different aspect of your water feature. Keeping water clean is great but if circulation systems are failing, filters are clogged or mineral deposits are forming in mechanisms it will have a ripple effect throughout the entire water system.

Trying to clean structures with a heavy handed approach can cause damage while trying to tackle stains with a soft cloth isn’t enough to get rid of discolourations. Puddle technicians begin each cleaning service with an assessment of structures and surrounding areas. Once they have an idea of condition and potentially sensitive areas, Puddle crews can get to work with speciality cleansers, tools and techniques to have both indoor and outdoor water features looking their best.

As seasons change, water features are at risk of damage due to sub-zero temperatures. Closing water features for the winter means dropping water levels so they fall below jets and skimmers. This prevents water from seeping into return lines and freezing. Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and frozen water can cause pipes to burst. In addition to cleaning a fountain regularly, seasonal care is key to keeping water systems in great shape all year long.

Water Feature Care: Why Call Puddle Pool Services

Homeowners have plenty of options for cleaning fountains in Paris but our Puddle technicians stand out from the competition. Local technicians understand what fountains are up against and even better, we know how to fix any issues that might arise. With options for routine cleanings, service calls, and even leak detection, our experienced crews can service fountains of all shapes, styles and sizes around homes and commercial properties.

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