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For homes and business throughout Paris, having a swimming pool on-site is a great way to add value, enjoyment and even revenue. Whether you are showcasing swim spaces to customers or are hoping to kick back poolside at home, keeping water clean and inviting should always be a top priority. If you want to keep your pool in the best possible condition but don’t want to give up your leisure time, call a Puddle Pro instead! Paris pool cleaning services clean water, remove debris and keep water systems running smoothly for homes and commercial properties.

Every year, pool owners take an amateur approach to pool cleaning, only to end up with subpar results and even damage. Without technical experience and training, handling pool chemicals can be dangerous and imbalanced water can be a health and safety risk for swimmers. Flipping the switch on a robotic pool cleaner is not enough to remove debris from the bottom of the pool and it definitely can’t empty skimmer baskets. Instead of relying on automated machines that don’t get the job done, call a Puddle Pro instead!

The Best Pool Care in Paris: How to Get Great Results

The secret to effective pool maintenance is simple: break it down into steps! Anyone can add pool chemicals or skim out floating debris but these are not enough to maintain water chemistry, and it doesn’t do much for your circulation system. Instead of being caught up on one area alone, our Puddle Pros break pool cleaning into multiple steps designed to treat swimming pools from top to bottom, inside and out.

Water Chemistry: There are plenty of testing kits on the market that are able to measure chlorine levels but even if water is imbalanced, they don’t tell you how to fix the issue! Just tossing in chlorine pucks is not enough to create sanitary swim spaces. It is a good idea to shock your pool if you begin to notice cloudiness or discolouration but it is also important to measure for pH levels, alkalinity and calcium.

Dealing with Debris: It is common to pull back pool covers to find debris. If pools are used often, this might not be a lot to handle but even a couple of days without skimming and debris removal will have your water looking terrible. There isn’t much point in balancing your pool water if there is still debris and contaminants left behind. A standard pool vacuum head is not designed to reach into corners, hard angles or navigate stairs. You can’t rely on automatic cleaners and vacuums if you want to maintain a clean pool. Puddle technicians use a manual vacuum that is capable of getting into hard to reach areas.

Pool Filters & Skimmer Baskets: Your filtration and circulation systems are an important part of pool maintenance but they are often overlooked. Pressure gauges offer insight into whether or not the sand in a sand filter should be replaced and a visual inspection of cartridge filters is a great way to see if they need to be removed, cleaned and replaced.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best in Routine Pool Care

Keeping up with the needs of a swimming pool can be tough, particularly as the seasons change. You might have a routine in spring that doesn’t work in summer and certainly won’t work in fall. Anyone can just add chemicals to pool water and hope for the best but properly balancing them means tweaking programs throughout the year. Highly trained and experienced Puddle technicians are able to measure chemical levels and adjust them so water is perfectly balanced and safe to swim in.

By offering a range of pool cleaning options, our team of Puddle Pros are able to service swim spaces of all shapes and sizes for homes and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for routine pool cleaning, seasonal treatments, service calls, inspections and more, call your local Puddle Pro for the best possible results.

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