Paris Seasonal Pool Maintenance

The needs of a swimming pool will change throughout the year. From season to season, pools are always up against the elements. It is easy to lose track of your swim space when the temperature begins to drop but even a bit of neglect will have a ripple effect throughout pools and water systems. Without a proper closing, trying to open your pool can be a stressful situation but our team of Puddle Pros are here to help at any time of year. Professional Paris seasonal pool maintenance keeps water systems in great shape through winter, and helps to make the most out of the swim season. 

Ontario is a winter wonderland for those that live there and those that visit. As great as it might be to spend the day enjoying an ice rink, you don’t want it to be your swimming pool! Freezing temperatures in winter cause a lot of unexpected damage, while an improper opening is a risk to health and safety. Avoid disaster with one call to a local pool specialist. 

Seasonal Pool Care: Treating Swim Spaces At Any Time of Year 

At the height of summer, swimming pools get a lot of attention. Transitioning into the fall season will often mean putting water testing and debris removal on the back burner. Without proper fall pool care, spring pool care is a huge headache, so it is important to stay on top of water systems all year long. 

Pool Closings: When closing a pool for the winter, it is important to consider every aspect of your swim space. Keeping a pool covered is a way to prevent debris from floating along water surfaces and collecting at the bottom of the pool — but what is going on underneath those winter covers? If water is sitting stagnant, you can expect algae growth and bacteria. When dealing with an inground pool, it is important to drop the water level so it falls below the skimmer line. Sub-zero temperatures can make plastic brittle and frozen water can cause pipes to burst. Using winterizing chemicals and treating drain plugs prevents water from seeping into sensitive areas where it can cause damage. This is also the ideal time to remove detachable components so they can be dried and stored for winter. 

Pool Openings: As spring rolls around pool owners want to have their swim spaces up and running. If pools were closed for the off-season, they have likely been sitting stagnant, which means algae growth and swampy water. The first step to restoring swimming pools is to remove debris, empty skimmer baskets and shock pool water to eliminate cloudiness and discolouration. It is important to replace any components that were removed and stored, as well as checking up on necessary equipment like the pool pump and filtration system. When starting a new season, visual inspections of cartridge filters can help to determine whether or not they should be removed, cleaned and replaced, while pressure gauges detail whether it is time to empty and replace sand in sand filters. 

Off-Season Pool Programs: For those property owners who aren’t interested in closing their pools down for the fall and winter season, Puddle technicians offer off-season treatment plans. These programs act the same as full pool cleaning but on a bi-weekly basis. This means both inground and above ground pools are kept clean and balanced throughout fall and winter. When you want to open your swimming pool for the spring, all you have to do is turn on the heater. 

Puddle Pool Services is local to the Paris area, so we understand exactly what your water systems are up against. By offering routine cleaning programs, seasonal treatment, inspections and even leak detection, our crews keep swimming pools in great shape. For peace of mind, excellent customer service and even better results, call a Puddle Pro today. 

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