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It is tough to admit it when summer is coming to an end but when temperatures drop and the leaves begin to change, it is impossible to ignore. Homeowners in Paris can pull out mittens or turn up the thermostat but swimming pools are stuck outside in the cold. Over the course of the off-season swimming pools are at the mercy of the elements and that can lead to breakage and damage. A proper Paris pool closing service protects swim spaces from the cold, keeping systems running and making spring openings easy.

The difference between closing a pool and just throwing on a cover and hoping for the best, is night and day. Without a closing, pools will be overrun with algae growth, foul smells, discolourations and a whole lot of buildup and debris. Pool closures reduce the risk of damage caused by freezing, reduce algae growth and treat pool equipment to keep things running smoothly throughout the year.

How to Winterize Your Pool

Getting a pool ready for the winter season is not a simple chore. In fact, closures are complex, multi-step processes — or at least they should be! In order to protect pools from damage, it is important to inspect and treat water systems, as well as basins. Every year, pool owners try to take closings into their own hands only to end up with swampy green water in spring. If this is the case, a simple test kit won’t be enough to restore water condition. Keeping your swim space in great shape all starts with closing it properly in fall.

What to do About Water? During the spring and summer, pool owners are very concerned with water chemistry but when temperatures drop and pools are used less often, chlorine levels are often overlooked. The trouble in fall is that winter and water don’t go together — unless you are dealing with a skating rink. Frozen temperatures make plastic brittle while frozen water causes pipes to expand and even burst. Dropping the water level so it falls below the jets and skimmer lines prevents water from reaching internal systems and causing damage. An amateur approach to draining pool water can result in drowned lawns, water damage, leaks, rot and mold, so it is always better to consult an expert. In the case of an above ground pool installing air bags will prevent freezing.

Protecting Pool Equipment: Winterizing drain plugs prevent freezing inside systems but closings don’t stop there. Flushing sitting water from return lines prevents plastics from becoming brittle and cracking. Detachable components should be removed and dried so they can be properly stored over the winter. Inspecting pipes, pool pumps, filters and more give insight into overall condition before closing down and allows the possibility of organizing repairs and replacements before the issues become worse. Having a mesh pool cover in spring helps to heat water but during the winter, it can increase growth rates for algae. Installing a solid winter cover limits sunlight and reduces algae growth.

Ditch Debris: Debris has a way of sneaking through pool covers. Over time, organic items will rot and break apart. Getting ready for the off-season should include vacuuming, heavy scrubbing, emptying of skimmer baskets, vacuuming and skimming floating items off of water surfaces.

Winterizing Chemicals: in the same way that you would add sanitizers to a pool in spring, it is a good idea to apply winterizing chemicals in fall. Pool antifreeze reduces the risk of freezing, protecting vinyl liners and equipment.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Way to Clean Your Pool

When the average outdoor temperatures reaches 15 degrees, it is time to say goodbye to summer and start the closing process. Puddle technicians are local to the Paris area so we know what needs to be done and when. Closing too early means missing out on the last warm days of summer while closing too late risks damage. Don’t take a chance when you can call a Puddle Pro instead.

For affordable care from a highly trained and experienced technician, just call your local Puddle Pools crew. Our pool specialists provide expert closings, as well as great customer service and reliable programs for any time of year.

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