Whitby Water Feature Maintenance

Water fountains can add a lot of personality to any home or commercial property. The problem is that this can be a clean and inviting personality, or something swampy that looks terrible. When fountain water is clean and running smoothly, it adds a lot of curb appeal. Green and bad smelling water will do the exact opposite. 

Don’t learn to deal with swampy looking fountains when you can call Puddle instead! Local Puddle technicians provide efficient and affordable Whitby water feature maintenance services for homes and businesses. 

Water Feature Care: How to Keep Your Fountain Running Smoothly

Fountains are complicated structures with many moving parts. Just throwing in a bit of shock or scooping out leaves that are floating along surfaces isn’t enough to keep water systems clean. 

Managing a large fountain means having to wade out into water to reach whatever is floating in the middle. For taller structures you may have to climb up on ladders or slippery surfaces to reach higher areas. These are both risks to health and safety. Luckily, our local Puddle Pros have got you covered. 

The secret to success when managing water systems is consistency. It is easy to book a one-time cleaning but it won’t take long for chemicals to wear off, debris to build up and water to go green. Outdoor water fountains are at the mercy of the elements. This makes it very important to keep up with cleaning and maintenance in order to avoid poor visuals and damage. 

Whether they are inside or outdoors, water fountains are up against very different contaminants. Indoors you can expect cloudy water or potential mineral deposits. Outside, you can expect to see organic debris, algae growth and usually bad smells and swampy water. This not only looks awful, it can also cause a lot of damage to your water system. 

Water Fountain Cleaning: The Puddle Secret to Success

If debris isn’t removed from water, it will float around creating clogs and blockages. Clogs often form inside water lines, around equipment and in filters. When a filter is clogged, water can’t circulate properly. This forces the water pump to work harder, using more energy and straining pumps. This means more wear and tear, along with shortened lifespans for your parts and equipment. 

Why deal with expensive replacements when you can clean the pump regularly instead? Proper fountain cleaning can be broken down into three distinct categories: routine cleaning, deep cleaning and seasonal care. 

Routine Cleans: includes removing debris, chemical treatments, filter assessments, scrubbing, flushing lines and ensuring everything is running smoothly. 

Deep Cleans: uses a multi-part chemical treatment specially formulated to pull buildup from inside water lines, dragging it into the fountain basin. From here, water can be drained and concrete surfaces are acid washed to remove stains. It is then time to add water and balance chemicals. 

Seasonal Treatments: protects outdoor and garden fountains throughout the off-season. Cold weather can mean frozen water. If water freezes inside water lines, it can cause pipes to burst, makes plastic brittle and causes damage. Drop the water level to prevent freezing and warping and apply winterizing chemicals to prevent algae growth. 

Puddle Pool Services: Water Fountain Care You Can Count On 

Fountains look great but they are tough to maintain — unless you call Puddle, that is! Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians keep water clean, outdoor fountain pumps running smoothly and ensure that you are getting the full lifespan out of your parts and equipment. 

Puddle Pool Services is proud to offer a wide range of services along with affordable prices. Call to book your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal fountain care and we’ll keep your water crystal clear. 

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