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As a business owner, your top priority is customer experience. You wouldn’t sell a faulty product and you wouldn’t offer up a dirty pool. Whether your business structure revolves around a swim space, if it is an extra feature or you are a realtor looking to boost curb appeal for an open house, Puddle is here to help! Professional Whitby commercial pool services clean and maintain swim spaces of all shapes, sizes and styles and offers up customizable programs to suit your needs. 

In a high traffic space it is easy to overlook regular pool maintenance but even one missed chemical treatment can be a huge problem. No one wants to step foot into cloudy water. Contaminated water doesn’t just look bad, it is a health risk. Unclean pool water is known to cause recreational water illnesses. These can come in the form of skin irritations, eye or ear infections and digestive issues. If you’re struggling to keep up with pool care, let a Puddle technician handle it for you! 

Commercial Pool Care: Keeping Up With High Traffic Spaces 

As a business, there is never a bad time to start a pool cleaning program. At home, pool owners can expect several swimmers over the course of an average week. A commercial swimming pool can see dozens over the course of a single day. More bodies means more contaminants being put into pool water. Missing just one chemical treatment can mean dealing with cloudy, green or dirty water. 

For many businesses, it isn’t realistic to have a dedicated member of staff to keep up with pool condition. This means spreading your resources thin and having to train multiple members of staff on how to clean and balance water. Even with training, an amateur approach to pool cleaning often ends up with subpar results. By hiring on a professional pool service, business owners can refocus their attention onto daily operations. 

Pool care for businesses doesn’t just mean fitness centres, public pools, condo buildings or spas. For a contractor or real estate agent, having the option to book a one-time pool cleaning can make a huge impact on the customer service experience. Trying to host an open house with a swampy pool in the backyard will send potential buyers running in the opposite direction. 

As a contractor, you don’t want to finish up a construction or landscaping project only to have your customers focusing on dirt and debris that has settled at the bottom of a nearby pool. You shouldn’t have to stock up on pool cleaning equipment and chemicals that you only use once every blue moon. Instead, book a one-time cleaning or system refresh with Puddle Pools. Crystal clear water and sparking pool surfaces are a great addition to your customer service routine and will help you get those 5-star reviews! 

Hotel Pool Care: Keep Rooms Full and Guests Happy 

No matter the time of year, pools are in high demand within the hospitality industry. If your pool is down for maintenance potential guests might just go to your competition instead. An available swim space is a huge draw for guests, so let local Puddle Pros help to keep your hotel fully booked. 

Depending on the type of pools and hot tubs that you have on-scene, you might be in the market for weekly maintenance but high rates of use means more frequent cleanings. Luckily, Puddle Pool Services offers a range of service options for a customized cleaning program that really works. 

Puddle Pros are able to service small businesses, sole proprietorships, multi-unit properties and large companies. In addition to creating customized cleaning schedules, Puddle offers affordable rates and the peace of mind that comes along with full coverage general liability insurance. 

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