Whitby Pool Leak Detection

It is pretty common for a swimming pool to experience some water loss at the height of summer but there is a big difference between evaporation and a leak. Nothing can bring your summer plans to a crashing halt like a pool leak. If your swim space is losing more water than usual or utility bills are higher than they should be, call Puddle for Whitby pool leak detection services. 

Part of what makes leak detection in pools such a complicated process is that a swim space is made up of many moving parts. You can be losing water from equipment like the pool pump, a tear in a vinyl liner or structural leaks in the foundation. The longer that you wait to diagnose a problem area, the worse it becomes so don’t hesitate to call Puddle. 

Pool Leak Detection Services: How We Track Down Leaks 

It is common for the water level in a swimming pool to drop during the summer. High heats cause water to evaporate and if you are dealing with a high number of swimmers, pool water gets carried or splashed out at a high rate. Around 3-5 inches of water loss over the course of a week is standard for high heats. If you are noticing more than this or find yourself having to refill pool water levels on a daily basis, you are likely dealing with a leak in your pool. 

Other symptoms of a pool leak may include high utility/water bills, it is impossible to balance water chemistry (because chemical treatments are leaking out) or, in the case of severe underground leaks, puddles of water sitting around the pool. 

Pressure Testing: A pressure test is effective for tracking down plumbing leaks. This process involves applying a steady stream of air to plumbing lines. If the air comes into contact with a crack or opening it will create air bubbles. Having air bubbles in return lines lets us know that there is a problem within the plumbing. In the case of underground leaks, it will produce a gurgling sound that can be tracked from the surface. 

Dye Testing: In the case of an above ground pool, a structural leak would be visible. An inground pool is a different story all together. Spotting structural leaks underground can be difficult but our Puddle technicians have a system. A dye test involves turning off the pool pump and waiting for water to go still. From here, coloured dyes are placed strategically in pool water. Because dye is heavier than water it will be attracted to the vacuum that a leak creates. All you have to do it follow the colour trail left behind right to the source of the leak. 

What to Do When You Find a Leak in a Pool 

The best way to detect leaks in your pool is to call an expert. Puddle technicians are able to identify pool leaks, isolate problem areas and provide referrals to reliable local pool repair experts. When caught early leak repairs don’t have to be expensive or invasive. If you suspect that you are losing water, don’t wait to call Puddle. If you are dealing with a small tear in a vinyl liner, we can help you get it patched before you need a full replacement. 

With options for booking online or by-phone 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pool Pro. 

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