Las Vegas Water Feature Maintenance

Whether you are touring the Las Vegas strip, spending an afternoon at the mall or just going out for a walk, there are plenty of eye-catching fountain displays nearby. Outdoor water features are a great way to add curb appeal, while indoor models are great for relaxation and adding a bit of character, but both of these require a lot of work. Instead of struggling to keep up with the demands of your water system, call a Puddle Pro for your Las Vegas water feature maintenance. 

A great maintenance routine not only helps to improve the overall look of your water fountain, but it also helps to improve efficiency of water systems and prevents unnecessary damage. Unlike standard practices, when you want to clean your fountain, a soft cloth and basic cleaner is not enough to get results. Water feature care requires speciality tools and cleansers, as well as a custom chemical program, so call an expert in the field for great results, every time! 

Water Feature Cleaning: What to Know 

Taking care of a water fountain or water feature is an on-going process. You might be able to grab for a garden hose to fill up newly installed water features but from here on, things get tricky! Without regular chemical balancing, your system is subject to algae growth, mineral deposits, white scale and even damage to the fountain pump, motor and more. Instead of letting your water feature slip into a sorry state, call an expert to keep it running smoothly. 

When managing an outdoor water fountain, one of the major things to watch out for is algae. Depending on the plant life surrounding your swim space, you might be experiencing large amounts of debris floating along surfaces. Over time, these items will sink, sitting on liners and leaving behind ugly staining. For those systems with concrete or tile foundations, the areas around seams can house bacteria and lead to a drop in visuals. 

As temperatures begin to take a turn, property owners might start to weatherproof windows but a fountain is not always at the top of the priority list. If left to its own devices outdoors, water can freeze inside inner mechanisms, leading to costly damage. If you choose to close out a water feature, it is always a good idea to remove detachable pieces in order to properly dry and store them. Taking the additional step to remove the pump or drop the water level can prevent plastics from becoming brittle and metal from expanding and contracting. 

Regular cleaning and fountain care not only works to clean your water, but it can prolong the lifespan of your system and components. This means that you can enjoy your water feature for years to come instead of sinking money into costly repairs and replacements. Repairs are always an inconvenience, but when it comes to managing a wall fountain, it can mean a complicated dismantling process, so avoid it with a regular water fountain care plan. 

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results For Water Fountain Cleaning 

There are plenty of types of water fountains on the market, and each of these have their own maintenance needs. An outdoor fountain will need someone to remove debris more often than an indoor model, but chemicals might require additional chemical care in a high traffic, contained environment. When you want the best results for your system, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians have seen and done it all! Each service is fully insured, so property owners not only get results, but peace of mind and excellent customer service as well. 

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