Las Vegas Seasonal Pool Maintenance

It is tough to imagine Christmas in Las Vegas, but it does happen! It might not be the typical winter wonderland but that doesn’t mean that the area doesn’t experience cold weather. For those property owners or managers who are responsible for a pool or hot tub, it is important to keep an eye on the skies — and on your water system! An amateur approach to a pool closing or opening can quickly lead to damage, or become a health and safety issue, so leave it to the experts. 

By calling a Puddle Pool Pro for your Las Vegas seasonal pool maintenance, you can set the stage for a quick and easy opening in spring, and protect your pool through winter. Without a solid cover, a dropped water level and balanced chemicals, pools can sustain serious damage throughout winter months. No one wants to pull back a cover to see a brand new ecosystem inside their pool or hot tub, so call Puddle Pro instead.

The Importance of Seasonal Pool Care 

When temperatures begin to drop, it is easy to cover the pool for winter and forget about it until spring. If this is the case, you might be dealing with a ton of bacteria, algae growth, mold and even unexpected damage. Bringing your system back up to speed after a long period of disuse can take a ton of time, elbow grease and technical skill. Avoid a DIY disaster while making the most out of your swim season, by calling in a specialist. 

Managing Pool Equipment: Dealing with a pool or hot tub also means dealing with its equipment and surrounding area. Everything that enters your system plays a role in its overall health. There isn’t much point in going through the process of scrubbing sides and balancing the water in your system, only to replace dirty equipment. Cleaning off a winter cover before installation, can help to prevent cross-contamination, while wiping down a diving board after a long period of sitting idle can reduce the risk of slips and falls. Winterizing a drain plug can also help to avoid damage later on. 

Dropping Water Levels: Pools and hot tubs are built to withstand the elements, but there are a few simple steps that can help to protect the overall condition of your system, and one of those is dropping water lines. Dropping the water level a few inches below the skimmer can help to prevent inner mechanisms from freezing. Over the course of a season, freezing water enters vulnerable areas, freezing and thawing, making plastic brittle and causing unseen damage behind the scenes. 

Water Chemistry: From a distance, swimming pools seem simple: fill it up and hop on in, but nothing can be further from the truth. Pool water requires complex care and balancing. Chlorine levels are important, but so are pH levels, and the right level of sanitizers. Failing to balance chemicals or perform a pool shock before closing down can increase the chances of algae forming, and a chemical imbalance on pool opening can lead to skin irritants, infections or digestive illnesses. 

Deep Cleans to Refresh Your System: Many in-ground pools have concrete or tile foundations instead of vinyl liners. Pulling back a safety cover in spring can reveal staining and discolourations. If this is the case, your system needs more than a standard cleaning. Draining a pool requires knowledge and skill in order to avoid disaster. When you want to improve the look and condition of your pool, call an expert to empty water and acid wash the walls, floors and steps of your system. 

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results At Any Time of Year 

For our team of highly trained technicians, pool season never really ends. From cleaning your water to inspecting your pool pump or cleaning a skimmer basket, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. A bit of help at closing can help to speed up openings and help to maximize summer enjoyment. 

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect your property, whether it is your home or a commercial space. With years of industry experience, our experts have turned seasonal pool care into an art form. Call today to find out how our local technicians can help to preserve your space. 

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