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Hotels across Las Vegas NV are often full to the brim and full of fun-seeking swimmers, but what about those pools and hot tubs around homes? Whether you take dips in your pool system on a daily basis, or are more inclined to swim every week or two, maintaining a sanitary space should be a top priority for any property owner. Keeping up with the demands of a swim space is complicated and time-consuming, so let our Puddle Pros lend a hand! 

Professional Las Vegas residential pool services can help to boost curb appeal around a home, or work to create a safe and sanitary swim space for friends, family, tenants and guests. By offering options for routine cleans, seasonal spruce-ups or just single service upkeep, our Puddle Pros can handle pools of all shapes and sizes. 

Health, Safety & Your Budget: The Importance of Residential Pool Cleaning 

A swimming pool is an investment in your property and in your own enjoyment. In order to protect your investment, as well as the people swimming inside it, it is important to perform regular cleaning and maintenance. In addition to keeping swimmers safe, it is important to care for pool equipment in order to protect the overall condition of your system, and avoid the need for unnecessary pool repair and replacement. 

Pool Water: You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bathwater, but if you do not clean your pool regularly, this is exactly what you are doing. With every body that enters your system, there are bits and pieces left behind. Hair products, body oils, lotions and even sunscreen will seep off of individuals and sit in water, eventually clinging to walls and siding and creating residue. High traffic, bad weather and even high heat can impact the chemical balance of your water. Performing regular testing and balancing pool chemicals helps to maintain levels, prevent algae and reduce risk of illness. 

Structure & Equipment: Both outdoor pools and indoor models are at the risk of staining and damage. It is nearly impossible to prevent debris from falling onto water surfaces, but floating items do more than look awful. If organics are left floating, they will eventually sink, sitting against pool liners and creating stains. Organic cast-off also contributes to algae growth, mold and other unwanted growth. Taking your pool from green to clean is no problem at all for a professional pool service company. With the right tools and proper techniques, Puddle experts can have your pool cleaner, preventing damage and cutting costs on repairs. 

Deep Cleans: No matter how often you clean your pool and inspect water systems, there will come a time when your pool and spa is in need of a refresh. When the time comes for a deep clean, pool draining and scrubbing is important. These processes work in tandem with a weekly pool service. Hiring an expert to refresh your water system means a multi-step approach to clean, involving draining, an acid wash, scrubbing and vacuuming away any remaining debris and setting your system up for success. 

The Perks of Professional Pool Care 

As a pool owner with a busy schedule, it is easy to overlook the signs that your system might be struggling. Something as simple as forgetting to clean out the pool filter can lead to widespread issues, so ditch the DIY approach and opt for expert service instead. When you want the best pool service at home, no one does it better than a Puddle Pool Pro. 

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect your home and our technicians. Get great results, at a cost-competitive price, without sacrificing results. With technicians servicing Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno and beyond, there is never a bad time to sign up for regular pool services. 

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