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Whether at home or in a resort, Las Vegas pools are always busy, particularly during the spring and summer. By opening your pool system at the right time, property owners and managers are able to make the most out of the swim season. Booking a professional Las Vegas pool opening ensures great results, a sanitary swimming environment and getting the full lifespan out of your materials.

It is tempting to remove the cover from a pool at the first sign of warm weather but before you do — call an expert! As pool season kicks off, it is important to remember that your system has likely been sitting idle for a while. After months of disuse, your system is likely experiencing algae growth, chemically imbalanced water, debris buildup or nasty residues. When this is the case, you’ll have to do more than add water to get your system ready for use. Puddle Pool Pros have developed a pool opening service that provides excellent results with a multi-step approach.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance: Opening Your Pool in Spring

An important part of closing your pool system is cleaning and storing your pool cover and other detachable components. This is great over winter but it also means having to replace anything that has been removed in spring. Instead of tossing in pool chemicals and hoping for the best, our team of technicians provide care and inspections of water systems, both inside and out.

Pool Chemicals: Basic test strips might help to identify issues as part of a regular maintenance routine, but when opening up, it is a complicated process to balance the water inside your system. Algaecides are important to remove any algae growth that has built up behind the scenes. Whether you notice algae blooms and discolourations or not, you should always err on the side of caution.

Restore Water Levels & Remove Debris: During closings, water levels are dropped to a few inches below the skimmer opening to prevent water from seeping into sensitive areas. It is important to refill this water level so your circulation systems can run smoothly. Over the course of the winter, your pool has likely been exposed to falling debris, and maybe even the odd rodent. It is important to vacuum the pool and skim surfaces to remove debris, and improve overall water condition. Don’t just grab a garden hose or skimmer, call a Puddle Pro for access to technical knowledge and top-notch equipment.

Inspect Pool Structures & Mechanisms: When closing down for winter, storing your pool cover and treating pool equipment is part of the process. Over the course of the winter, your pool and water system is under a lot of stress. When firing your system back up again, it is time to inspect return lines, drain plugs, pumps, motors and liners.

Puddle Pool Services: Peace of Mind For Your Pool Opening

Unlike using a test kit for a view of your water chemistry, the opening process requires a complex chemical treatment, along with physical scrubbing, skimming and care. When you want your pool clean for the swimming season, no one gets better results than our Puddle Pros.

Puddle technicians are local to your area, so they know exactly what your system is up against. Ditch the trial and error period, and opt for experienced and efficient care. Customized treatment plans cater to the unique needs of your pool system, so you know that you are getting the best possible results. With booking available by-phone and online 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time to book your pool opening service.

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