Las Vegas Hot Tub Maintenance

Las Vegas is known as a great place to have a good time and relax, for both tourists and residents. No matter how you like to spend your days, you can never go wrong with a soak in a hot tub. When in good condition, spa water can help to relax sore muscles, but without regular upkeep, it can quickly become contaminated, and lead to illness or irritants. When you want your water crystal clear and your system running smoothly, call a Puddle Pool Pro for your Las Vegas hot tub maintenance. 

Cleaning your hot tub seems simple, but it is a much more complicated process than meets the eye. From basic scrubbing and chemical balancing, to deep cleaning with a drain and refill, it takes a lot to keep water systems in great shape. More than just improved visuals, regular hot tub care is a matter of health and safety, and can help to improve efficiency, as well as prolonging the lifespan of your materials. 

The Ins & Outs of Hot Tub Cleaning 

You might be able to fill a newly installed tub or swim spa with a garden hose, but this does not mean that you can just jump right in. The second that there is water in your system, it is susceptible to the elements. Everything from high temperatures to organic cast-off, and even the amount of traffic through your system plays a role in overall water health. It can be tough to keep up with the needs of your system, so have a professional do it for you! 

Maintain Water Chemistry: Most hot tubs run using chlorine or bromine, but there are also plenty of salt water systems on the market. Simple test strips can help to point out an imbalance within your tub, but it does not help you to correct these issues. It is important to understand just how total alkalinity, pH levels and other chemicals impact your system in order to avoid contamination and even illness, but this can take years of study. Instead of giving up your evenings and weekends, make the most out of the swim season by calling in an expert. 

Inspect Mechanisms: It is easy to become caught up with water condition, but there is more to pool care than just that. There is nothing more important than a functioning circulation system. Great filtration and circulation systems are key to maintaining a healthy swim space. This means routine changes of your spa filter, as well as emptying skimmer baskets, to avoid clogs and blockages. A blocked system means added wear and tear, which can mean the need for costly repairs and premature replacements. 

Refresh Your Hot Tub: Part of the regular care and maintenance of any appliance is a deep clean every now and then. Depending on your usage, it is a good idea to consult with an expert about the best time to treat and drain hot tub water. A hot tub refresh is designed to flush buildup and bacteria from the inner-workings of your system, ensuring there is no gunk or bacteria inside pipes. From there, it is a multi-step process of scrubbing shells, jets, headrests and even the spa cover. There is a right way and wrong way to drain the water from a hot tub. Instead of just getting a subpar result, the wrong technique can result in flooded lawns, leaks and water damage. Once water is balanced, you can refill the hot tub and your system is good to go! 

Puddle Pool Services: Not Your Average Hot Tub Cleaner 

Each member of the Puddle Pools team is highly trained and experienced, meaning you can rest easy, knowing that we have all of the right technical knowledge and tools to get great results. Whether you are looking to have someone apply hot tub chemicals, prep for cold weather, or restart a system after a long period of disuse, our team of experienced technicians can help you out. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect your property and provide peace of mind to our clients. 

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