Osoyoos Water Feature Maintenance

It is easy to enjoy the look of a fountain but keeping water systems running smoothly is a complicated process. As much as well-kept garden fountains might boost curb appeal, a dirty water feature has the reverse effect. Cloudy, discoloured or foul smelling water can create a bad impression for guests and tenants, or can send customers running in the other direction. Don’t let a dirty fountain create a negative impression when you can call Puddle for reliable and affordable Osoyoos water feature maintenance. 

Outdoor water fountains and indoor models might be made out of the same moving parts but they are up against much different obstacles. When inside, you might be dealing with white scale and mineral deposits more readily and outdoor ones are more at risk of algae growth and organic debris. Fountains aren’t open and flat in the same way that swimming pools are so they are even more difficult to clean. A decorative wall fountain demands a light touch while larger outdoor features can mean navigating multiple tiers. No matter the type of fountain that you are working with, our Puddle technicians create cleaning programs that work! 

Water Fountain Cleaning: The Best Way to Get Results 

The secret to keeping up with the needs of a fountain is consistency. Without removing debris regularly organics will rot and break apart into small bits and pieces. This means an ugly visual and clogged filters. Missing out on a single chemical treatment can leave water looking cloudy, then green and then swampy. Contaminated water is a risk to your health and to the overall condition of your water system. 

Keeping your fountain cleaner means going below water surfaces to treat the internal systems that keep your features working properly. Instead of throwing in pre-made water treatments and hoping for the best, meaningful results come from breaking the cleaning process down into simple steps. 

There is a direct link between the condition your filtration system and your monthly energy bill. It is hard to imagine how these two things can play off one another but they are interconnected. A clogged or blocked filter forces your fountain pump to work harder to circulate water and this uses more energy. This increases utility bills and it puts added strain on internal components that are expensive to repair and/or replace. Cleaning the pump and filter regularly can help to mitigate these issues. 

Even with a regular cleaning program in play, it is a good idea to organize deep cleans on water features as part of an annual routine. This process means chemically treating water, draining the water out and acid washing concrete surfaces/heavy scrubbing for liners. Water levels can then be refiled and chemically treated, leaving water crystal clear and systems running better than ever. 

Water Fountain Care: What to Expect From An Expert 

When you want to properly care for an indoor or outdoor fountain, look no further than your local Puddle technicians. Running water is clean water so it is important to care for all of the different components that keep it running. Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your systems or dealing with the aftermath of a DIY approach, a highly trained and experienced Puddle Pro will get the best results the first time around. With options for routine cleaning programs, service calls and deep cleans, a clean fountain is always within reach. When you call Puddle for your water feature care, you can expect excellent customer service, top-notch results and the peace of mind that comes from fully insured staff and services. 

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