Osoyoos Pool Inspections

Swimming pools can be a major selling feature for a home or commercial property, or they can be a huge liability — it all depends on condition. For anyone looking to buy a home with a pool it is important to make sure that you aren’t about to be stuck with a lemon. From damaged liners, failing pool pumps, structural issues or leaks, there is plenty that can go wrong with a swim space. If you are looking to buy or sell a home with a pool or notice your water system is acting up, just call Puddle for your Osoyoos pool inspection. 

Swimming pools might seem simple from the outside but nothing could be further from the truth! A pool is made up of many complex systems, each of which contribute to the overall condition and function. Even if surfaces look clean and inviting, there could be serious issues with structures, equipment and plumbing that go unnoticed. Before you commit to a sale or find yourself dealing with disaster, have a highly trained pool inspector assess the condition of indoor and/or outdoor swim spaces around homes or commercial properties. 

Level I Swimming Pool Inspections: What to Expect From the Experts 

Whenever you purchase a home it is common practice to book a home inspection. On average, a home inspector will have plenty of experience in foundation issues, roofing and plumbing but not all of them are familiar with swimming pools. Having a Puddle Pro inspect your pool means key insights into both condition and functionality so you can have peace of mind. 

There are plenty of different pool inspection services to choose from, each with its own focus. One type of inspection might focus on permitting or construction while another might revolve around insurance coverage. These are useful but they don’t answer the most important question about a pool: does it work? 

Visual Inspections: For many potential buyers, it is easy to be blinded by all of the possibilities of owning a pool. A trained eye can spot problem areas from a mile away. Even a small tear in a vinyl liner can lead to water loss and damage. Professional pool inspectors keep an eye out for physical damage like tears, slab cracks, leaking pipes and damaged equipment. This allows buyers, sellers and owners to create a repair plan. 

Testing: Internal water systems, components and equipment are extremely important to how a pool runs. Instead of assuming that everything is in good, working order Puddle technicians test and assess everything from return lines, filters, pool pumps and heaters to ensure that everything is running as it should be. 

Assessing Surrounding Areas: It is important to assess the condition of a pool itself but a clean bill of health should include surrounding areas and accessories too. Cracked tiles can lead to cuts or scrapes, loose railings or stairs are dangerous and weak or damaged slides and diving boards can mean serious injury. 

Our Puddle Pool inspectors have years of experience under their belts so we understand common problems, as well as the unusual ones. From testing water quality, testing heaters, providing leak detection and more, there is nothing that our pool pros can’t handle. Don’t hesitate to call local Puddle technicians for your water systems at home, or a commercial pool or spa, hot tubs and water features. 

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