Osoyoos Pool Closing

When the fall season comes around the changing leaves might create a beautiful scene but it also means serious trouble for your swim space. Cold temperatures combined with an influx of debris can lead to rot, water contamination and even damage. Don’t take a risk on your water systems when you can call Puddle for reliable and affordable Osoyoos pool closing services. 

No one wants to say goodbye to summer but when September rolls around it is time to start pulling out fall sweaters and weatherproofing homes. With back to school and holidays around the corner it is easy to overlook the needs of your pool but failing to close your swim space down properly can have serious consequences for your home or commercial property. Don’t let winter weather get the best of you when you can call a local Puddle Pro for in-depth closings. 

Fall Pool Care: Protecting Your Pool Throughout the Off-Season 

Above ground pools and inground models will have different needs but they operate in very similar ways. When it comes to closing, an above ground pool will benefit from an application of winter chemicals or a water bag, each of which prevent freezing. Closing an inground pool is a much more complicated process. Just throwing on a winter cover isn’t enough to prevent freezing and the damage that comes along with it, but our Puddle Pros have developed a multi-step plan that keeps your water systems in great shape, all year long. 

The biggest risk to your pool over the course of the fall/winter season is freezing. BC might be known for mild winters but the temperature still drops below freezing. It might not be cold enough to freeze over entire pool basins but sub-zero temperatures are enough to cause small amounts of water to freeze inside water lines and plumbing. Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and frozen water expands up to 9% which is enough to cause pipes to burst. 

In order to prevent freezing, flooding and water damage it is important to drop your water level so it falls a few inches below the skimmer line. This, combined with winterizing drain plugs prevents water from seeping into vulnerable areas where it can freeze and cause damage. Flushing water from pool equipment and components like return lines and pool pumps helps to reduce the risk of damage and the need for expensive repairs and replacements in spring. 

Water chemistry might be a top priority during the height of the swim season but when a pool is used less frequently, it gets less focus. A proper application of winter chemicals not only prevents pool water from freezing, it can help to reduce the rate of algae growth. This is also a good time to inspect pool filters for signs of weakening or damage. From cartridge filters to sand filters, our technicians know what they are doing, so let us help you out! 

The Puddle Guarantee: Let An Expert Winterize Your Pool 

The way that you close your pool will impact the way that you open your pool. Having a local specialist shut your systems down for the off-season is a great way to set the stage for an easier opening in spring. With options for routine cleaning programs, seasonal treatments, deep cleans, pool inspections and pool leak detection services, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. 

In addition to great results, Puddle clients can expect top customer service, affordable rates and the peace of mind that comes along with fully insured staff and services. By offering options to schedule appointments online and by phone, pool owners always have access to our team of highly trained and experienced pool Pros. 

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