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A swimming pool can make or break your spring/summer seasons. As much as you might want to dive into a backyard swim space, even a small leak can put a real damper on your summer fun. If you suspect that your pool is leaking, don’t let water loss get the better of you, call Puddle right away! Professional Osoyoos pool leak detection can identify the reason for water loss, isolate problem areas and help to organize repairs so you can get back to cannonballing! 

If you have a standard plumbing leak under your sink, it is a problem but swimming pool leaks will quickly lead to disaster. The average pool holds thousands of litres of water on a daily basis and that means a whole lot of pressure. Even a pinhole leak can mean severe water loss, which means higher utility bills and the potential for a whole lot of damage. If you notice that your water level is dropping, don’t hesitate to call a local expert for your pool leak detection services. 

Leak Detection in Pools: What to Watch Out For 

Water loss in swimming pools can happen naturally or be caused by a leak somewhere inside your water system. High heats and high traffic will have an impact on your overall water level. At the height of summer it is common to see between 3-5 inches of water loss over the course of a week. It is a good idea to mark the water level so you can keep track. If you find yourself dealing with more significant water loss at the end of the week or are having to refill your pool on a daily basis, you are likely dealing with a leak. 

In addition to a drop in pool water level, leaks will often cause higher than usual water bills, impossible to balance water and, in extreme cases, puddles! If you begin to notice unexplained puddles forming around your swim space, it might be a sign of an underground leak. 

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Made Easy: Just Call a Local Puddle Pro 

Part of what makes leak detection in pools so tricky is figuring out if you are dealing with a leak at all. If you are dealing with high utility bills, pooling water or dropped water levels, you are likely dealing with a leak, but that is just the beginning. The next step in the process is to figure out what area of your pool is leaking. 

Structural Leaks: Physical damage is a huge threat to swim spaces both indoors and out. This can be a crack in a foundation caused by physical damage or shifting soil, or can be something as simple as a tear in the pool liner. The best way to diagnose a structural leak is with a dye test. This process involves turning off the pool pump and waiting for water to go still. Then, coloured dyes are strategically applied inside the water. Because dyes are heavier than pool water they will be attracted to the vacuum created by a leak. It is possible to visually follow the dye to the source of the leak. 

Plumbing Leaks: When it comes to tracking down plumbing leaks, your best bet is with a pressure test. Pressure testing involves applying a steady stream of airflow to water and return lines. If this air stream comes into contact with a crack or opening, it will create air bubbles that can be tracked visually. If you are dealing with an underground plumbing leak, saturated water will make a gurgling sound that can be followed using speciality equipment. 

Once the source of a pool leak is identified, it is time to organize expert pool repairs. While Local Puddle Pros do provide pool leak detection, repairs are a more complicated process. If you are in the market for structural or equipment repair, Puddle crews provide referrals to other reliable, local specialists for all of your repair needs. 

With options for booking your pool leak detection service online or by phone 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time for a deep dive on your commercial or residential pool, spa or hot tub. 

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