Point Edward Water Feature Maintenance

When kept in good condition a water feature can be the focal point of an outdoor or indoor space. Wall fountains can add a lot of personality to interior spaces around homes or businesses and outdoor water fountains can be the cherry on top of your landscaping design. No matter their function or design, Point Edward water feature maintenance keeps systems running smoothly. 

Water feature care is not a one-step process but requires a multi-step approach that addresses surfaces as well as internal water systems. It is easy to forget about cleaning a fountain pump but even a bit of neglect will have a ripple effect throughout your water system. Instead of learning to live with temporary or superficial improvements, managing premature repairs and replacements or dealing with the aftermath of a DIY disaster, have an expert handle it for you instead. 

Water Fountain Care Made Easy: Just Call Puddle 

Every year fountain owners try to tackle their water fountain cleaning on their own, only to end up with subpar results or damage. Just because water is flowing doesn’t mean that your water feature is working properly. In order to properly care for fountains Puddle technicians have broken the cleaning process down until simple steps, each of which address a different aspect of your water system. 

Water Treatments: Maintaining water chemistry is a top priority for pools and hot tubs but fountains often don’t get the same level of attention. Imbalanced water will quickly go cloudy, green or start to show signs of algae growth and contamination. This doesn’t just create an ugly visual, it creates foul smells and health risks for anyone that comes into contact with water. Customized water treatments help to balance water according to the unique needs of your system and the surrounding area. Regular chemical applications will help to reduce the risk of algae growth and mineral deposits. 

Removing Debris: When dealing with garden fountains it is impossible to avoid organic debris.  If not removed regularly floating items will rot and break apart, becoming even more difficult to remove. If sunken items are left to sit on vinyl liners they will cause permanent staining. When dealing with wider fountains you might have to wade into water to scoop up floating items. In the case of taller fountains, you are likely dealing with multiple tiers that are hard to reach. Reaching high areas can mean climbing up on ladders or standing on slippery surfaces, each of which can lead to serious injury. 

Filters and Circulation Systems: When you want to keep your fountain cleaner, it is important to make filter cleaning a part of your routine. If filters are blocked, it is harder for water to circulate through. This puts added strain on the pump and water lines that can lead to serious damage. Cleaning the pump and filters regularly helps to reduce strain on water systems and helps to reduce energy usage — and lower your bills! 

The Puddle Guarantee: We Keep Your Fountain Working! 

Whether you are gearing up for a new water feature install, are taking over an existing water system or are sick of handling the heavy lifting yourself, just call a local Puddle Pro. After years of industry experience our team of experienced Puddle technicians have seen and cleaned it all! 

By offering options for routine cleaning programs as well as service calls or seasonal deep cleans, there is something for everyone at Puddle. Instead of stopping at excellent results, Puddle technicians provide top-notch customer service, affordable rates and transparent pricing.

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