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Winters in Ontario can feel like they drag on forever, so it is no wonder that when the sunshine comes out in spring pool owners want to kickstart their systems for the swim season. As tempting as it might be to pull back your pool cover and dive on in, this is a terrible idea! After months of sitting idle your pool water is going to be contaminated, cloudy, green, foul smelling and full of debris. Dirty water doesn’t just look terrible, it is a serious risk to health and safety. Instead of taking a risk on amateur cleanings or missing out on the first days of summer, call Puddle for efficient and reliable Point Edward pool opening services. 

Spring Pool Care: Setting the Stage For a Successful Swim Season 

For many residents of Point Edward, swimming pools can make or break a spring/summer season. At the height of summer pool maintenance is often a top priority but after months of sitting idle it is hard work to restore swim spaces to being sanitary. The way that you clean your pool during a changing of the seasons should be very different from the way that you clean it after it has already been in use for a while. 

The first step to opening your pool for the season is to undo everything that was done on closing. Dropping water levels and winterizing plugs is common practice so openings will involve grabbing a garden hose and refilling the water level and ensuring that drain plugs are open for water to pass through. From here, it is time to get to work! 

Even with a winter cover on debris has a way of sneaking into water systems. This means the bottom of your pool is likely covered in leaves, pinecones, tree needles and other unwanted items. Shocking the pool might help to clear some cloudiness or alleviate some discolouration but it if there is still debris sitting in water it can’t be cleaned. Properly removing unwanted items means using a manual vacuum to reach into corners or hard angles, speciality brushes to scrub away residue, skimmer rods to scoop up floating items and it is all topped off by emptying the skimmer basket. 

If pool equipment begins to fail it will have a ripple effect throughout the entire swim space. When you are getting ready to fire up your water systems for use, have an expert assess the condition of your pump and filter, as well as the heater. Once debris is removed, systems are fired up and water is clear it is time for a full water treatment with balanced pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Puddle Pool Services: Helping You Start the Swim Season Off Right 

After years of industry experience our team of Puddle technicians have got pool openings down to a science. Instead of struggling through trial and error or prolonging the process, local crews swing into action for reliable and efficient services that treat pools from top to bottom. With options for booking services online or by phone, there is never a bad time to book your openings. 

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