Point Edward Hot Tub Maintenance

When cold weather comes around many Ontario residents curl up inside trying to stay warm but what if you could enjoy the outdoors while relaxing with a warm water soak? Unlike a swimming pool, there is no limit to how long you can enjoy a hot tub. Whether you are trying to relax on a chilly spring evening or stay warm on the first days of winter, an accessible spa makes it easy. There are plenty of perks to owning a hot tub but having to clean water systems isn’t one of them! From skimming out debris, keeping water clean and scrubbing shells you might find yourself spending all of your leisure time on chores instead of enjoying it. If you want to make the most out of your water systems, call Puddle for your Point Edwards hot tub maintenance. 

Unlike a bathtub, you can’t just pull the plug to drain the hot tub whenever it starts to look grimy. A damp, dark and warm environment is the perfect place for algae growth and bacteria and unfortunately, hot tubs fit the bill. Without regular cleaning practices it won’t take long for water to go green and become unsanitary. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of an amateur approach have an expert handle your water systems properly the first time around. 

Hot Tub Care: Understanding Your Water System 

Whether you are dealing with a hot tub or swim spa there is more to these features than meets the eye. Tubs are made up of many moving parts, some of which you can see and some of which you can’t. Focusing on one area of your spa can help to provide some superficial improvements but real results only come from deep dives and catered treatment plans. The best way to get results for your water systems is to break the cleaning process down into a multi-step approach that treats internal areas and exterior ones. 

Water Chemistry: It is easy for hot tub water to become a primary focus during routine cleans but there is more to achieving proper balance than focusing on sanitizer levels alone. Proper water balancing means tackling sanitizers like chlorine or bromine but it also means balancing pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. Keeping water clean does’t just keep swimmers safe, it prevents algae growth and contamination. 

Managing Pumps & Filters: When dealing with a hot tub filter, cleaner is always better. The goal of any filter is to trap and hold bits and pieces of unwanted debris, taking it out of circulation and letting filtered water pass back through. If a filter becomes clogged and water can’t flow freely it will put strain on the pumps and internal lines. If one of these areas begins to fail it will have a serious negative ripple effect that contaminates water and creates unsanitary spaces. Cleaning the filter can be a complicated process but it needs to be done regularly. For example, it is easy to forget about having to remove, clean and reinstall filter cartridges when you aren’t familiar with the process but our Puddle technicians are always ready to handle them. 

Deep Cleans/Hot Tub Refresh: Even with regular cleanings, it is a good idea to drain and refill your hot tub at least once annually. A specialized combination of chemicals runs through lines loosening and pulling out any buildup or debris that is sitting behind the scenes. Unwanted items are them pushed into water where it is drained out. Once empty, shells, jets and headrests are scrubbed clean. Water can then be refilled and chemical levels balanced. 

Ask a Puddle technician about our optional Full Shampoo treatment. This service uses speciality cleansers to scrub exterior surfaces and hot tub covers to leave spas looking like new again. 

Anyone can stock up on test kits or hot tub chemicals but putting them to use is a complicated process. Just having the tools doesn’t guarantee results so it is always best left up to the experts. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Spa & Hot Tub Care Across Point Edward 

With years of industry experience under our belts our Puddle technicians have seen it all! If you are dealing with green water, algae blooms or full filters there is nothing that we can’t handle. With options for routine cleaning programs, service calls, and customized treatment plans for high traffic areas, there is never a bad time to call Puddle. 

Picking up test strips and tools might seem like a good way to cut back on the costs of hot tub care but it can lead to damage and the need for expensive repairs or replacements. Puddle technicians are committed to great results but also presenting customers with affordable rates and transparent pricing. 

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