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Swimming pools can add a lot of value and enjoyment to any property but only if they are in good, working order. Whether you are looking at buying a home with a pool, are selling or just notice that your water systems aren’t running right, just call a local Puddle Pro! Point Edward pool inspections focus on condition and functionality for peace of mind so you can enjoy your swim space. 

There is never a bad time to call a local Puddle Pro for swimming pool inspection services but the most common times to reach out are during a sale. When a property changes hands it is common practice to have a home inspection done. Most home inspectors are familiar with roofing, foundations and other key structural aspects but aren’t always familiar with swimming pools.

Why Have An Expert Inspect Your Pool? 

A swimming pool, spa or hot tub should be a safe place for your family to take a dip but if a pool is in poor condition it is a massive headache and a major liability. There is nothing worse than finalizing a sale only to find out that you are dealing with damaged water systems and the need for costly repairs. 

Professional pool inspections can help to diagnose any existing issues as well as potential ones. Instead of focusing on the surface levels alone, Puddle technicians provide a three-part assessment that involves visual inspections, testing, and consideration of surrounding areas and safety features. 

Visual inspections from a trained professional are able to point out obvious issues like physical damage and slab cracks, as well as small issues like liner tears that will become worse over time. This type of inspection can also offer insight into the condition of equipment and water lines. 

By testing water systems buyers, sellers and real estate agents can rest easy knowing that pumps, heaters and water lines are functional. Pools, spas and hot tubs are meant to add value to your property — not danger! Highly trained and experienced technicians survey surrounding areas and equipment including pool decks, diving boards, slides, railings and ladders for signs of damage or loosening. 

One of the major threats facing swimming pools in Ontario is leaks. Without technical training and knowing what to watch out for, it is easy to overlook the signs of pool leaks. Underground leaks will cause widespread damage over time, not only to pool structures themselves but to surrounding areas as well. 

There is never a bad time to let your local pool leak detection company perform in-depth assessments of your swim space and surrounding areas. In the event that our technicians are able to identify an issue, we provide referrals to quality professionals in your area for quick service and reliable repairs. 

Please note that Level I Pool Inspections are designed to provide peace of mind and insight but do not come along with a written report that can be used for permitting or construction purposes. 

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