Victoria Water Feature Maintenance

Whether you live next the ocean or find yourself inland, it is always possible to add a bit of character and curb appeal to your space with a water feature. When water systems are running smoothly, they can help to attract a crowd, showcase a property and create a calming environment. Without regular care and cleaning solutions, it does not take long for fountain conditions to drop, particularly in an outdoor space. Calling an expert for your Victoria water feature maintenance takes the guesswork out of your maintenance, getting great results all year long.

When dealing with garden fountains, it is easy to spot floating debris, but other issues may be more subtle and harder to identify. Something like white scale or mineral deposits might take a while to notice, but both of these can play a huge role in the overall condition of your system. Water fountain care in an outdoor space often means struggling to prevent algae growth, but our Puddle Pros can help to simplify this process and help to maintain your water flow. 

What to Know About Water Fountain Cleaning 

Regular cleaning and maintenance not only helps your fountain run, it is also a matter of health and safety. Fountains aren’t meant to be swam in, but that does not mean that you don’t have to clean your water. All it takes is one individual to stick their hands into contaminated water to cause serious illness, irritations and can wreck the reputation of a business. 

A skimmer might remove debris floating along surfaces but when you want to treat algae or bacteria, water balance is key to getting great results. The chemical levels in your water have a massive impact on the overall condition and function of your features. When dealing with small models, or larger fountains, it is important to care for water systems, inside and out, according to surrounding areas, seasonal change and a variety of other factors. 

Victoria BC is known for quick shifts in temperature and surprising weather. You may go to bed to warm weather, only to find the ground frosted over in the morning. While you might be focused on salting walkways, your water feature is struggling. Before temperatures drop, owners and property managers should call a professional to winterize your system, dropping the water level to protect inner components and mechanisms. 

Routine water feature care cannot only help to maintain water condition, it can help to prolong the lifespan of your system, cut costs on repairs and replacements for necessary items like pumps, motors and filters. With a trained eye, even a quick visual inspection makes it possible to point out exactly what your system needs. For those systems that have spent years out in the cold and are experiencing high levels of algae and stains, our experts highly recommend taking the additional step to drain the water and acid wash empty spaces or scrub vinyl liners. 

Puddle Pool Services: Only The Best For Your Water Feature Cleaning 

Puddle Pool technicians are local to your area, so we know exactly what your system is up against. Instead of spending your time struggling through trial and error, you can call an expert for great results, right from the start. Our technicians are able to create catered cleaning and maintenance practices according to the needs of a newly installed system, or an existing one. 

In addition to improving visual appeal and overall condition, Puddle Pros provide excellent customer service as well. With a great track record and a long list of happy customers, clients don’t have to look far to find a reason to call in a Puddle Pro. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect ourselves and your property. 

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