Victoria Hot Tub Maintenance

With staycations being all the rage, it is no wonder that hot tubs are such a popular addition to homes, recreational centres and in the hospitality industry. A great way to relax or keep fit, a water feature can be a huge draw – or a major inconvenience. Keeping spas clean can be tough but it is important to the health and safety of users, and our Puddle Pool Pros can help!

Proper Victoria hot tub maintenance and cleaning involves balancing water chemistry but it also means handling some heavy lifting! Surface cleans involve scrubbing but deep cleans mean having to drain and refill your feature. When you want to protect the surrounding area of your space, cut costs on unnecessary repairs and replacements and avoid the stress of broken machinery, just call a Puddle Pro today.

What Makes Hot Tub Cleaning So Important?

Whether in your backyard or at a public pool, there is hardly a time that a hot tub isn’t in use. Hot water and jets can help to ease aching muscles and it is a great place to kick back and relax after a long day. In most scenarios, it is often a case of “the more the merrier” but when it comes to keeping water clean, high traffic can lead to trouble.

With every body that enters your system, there are foreign items left behind. Skin cells, skin lotions, body oils, hair and other debris are put into spa water. Hot tub chemicals can help to balance out water chemistry, keeping bacteria at bay but proper application is a must. Test strips might alert you to imbalances but they don’t necessarily teach you how to fix them.

Neglecting hot tub water can lead to a build up of debris and spread of harmful bacteria. Debris and germs present significant risks to both the overall health of those using it and to the hot tub itself.

Structural & Mechanical Damage: Hot tub filters are often overlooked but they are the heart of your system. If filters become clogged, they put added strain on motors, leading to overheating and damage. Regular inspection and cleaning of filters help to ensure your system is running smoothly, preventing unnecessary damage.

Recreational Water Illnesses: Water care is not only important to the overall condition of your hot tub, but to those inside as well. Without balanced sanitizer and chemicals like chlorine or bromine, bacteria begins to form. This can mean residue on the sides of tubs but it can also mean algae. This bacteria can lead to skin, eye and ear irritations or infections but it can also lead to digestive issues and e-coli poisoning.

Calling a Pro for Expert Hot Tub Care

Proper tub and water care is a must but, like anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to get the job done. An amateur approach to deep cleaning can lead to extensive water damage to surrounding areas, including lawns and even nearby structures.

When draining your hot tub, for example, letting water loose can lead to flooding if not directed properly. As water pools around foundations, it can leak into basements, staining walls and damage construction materials and items inside.

When examining spa filters or motors, it is always a good idea to turn the power to the hot tub off, removing the risk of electrical issues. You might be able to refill your hot tub with a garden hose but the second you’ve reached a healthy level, it is time to let treatments begin.

In addition to cleaning sides, surfaces and balancing water, it is important to consider all of the equipment that goes into your tub. From floating skimmer baskets to water toys, spa covers and beyond, everything that dips into your system adds to the overall ecosystem.

The Perks of Choosing Puddle Pool Services

All members of the Puddle Pool team are fully insured to protect both ourselves and our community. This additional coverage provides peace of mind while our technicians provide you with great results. Whether you are looking for services around residential, commercial or multi-unit properties, there is nothing that our team can’t handle. Call today for a free estimate.

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