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Having a swimming pool at home can turn a regular backyard into an oasis. Whether outdoors or inside, swim spaces at home make it possible to host a great party, get some exercise and make the most out of summer weather. You might be installing a new swimming pool, purchasing a new property, or having a hard time keeping up with the needs of your existing swim space, but whatever the issues, our Puddle Pros are here to help! Hiring an expert for your Victoria residential pool services keeps pools running, water clear and structures in great shape, all year long.

Pool care at home can quickly eat up all of your leisure time. Sunny days are the best time to be poolside, but not if you are stuck cleaning it! It can take years of trial and error to understand what keeps a water system flowing. Don’t lose out on your evenings and weekends when you can call a Puddle Pro instead! Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, bringing complete and efficient pool care right to your door!

Residential Pool Care: When, What, How & Why

Swimming pools are a package deal. If you have a swim space on your property, you likely have a pool vacuum, telescopic pole, skimmer, test strips and pool chemicals nearby. Even with tons of tools on-hand, you are not guaranteed to get the same great results as a professional service. In order to keep pools clean and swimmers happy, it is important to break cleaning and regular maintenance into a multi-step approach that caters to systems inside and out.

Anyone can flip the switch on an automatic pool cleaner but proper care doesn’t stop at the surface. If you only focus on the visual aspects of your swimming pool, smaller issues will just become worse over time, leading to the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

Circulation & Filtration Systems: In a pool, spa, or in the case of hot tubs, moving water is clean water. If pool water is left sitting stagnant, it will quickly become discoloured and unsanitary. This is what makes in-depth pool maintenance so important. In addition to checking up on return and plumbing lines, it is important to regularly inspect filters and the pool pump. Pool filters are designed to trap and hold bits of debris. If filters are full or clogged they cannot function properly. Cartridge filters can be removed, cleaned and replaced. In the case of sand filters, pressure gauges will let you know when it is time to empty and replace sand.

Ditching Debris: There are any number of ways that debris can make its way into pools. As easily as unwanted items can sneak in, they can be very difficult to get back out. Lighter items will float along water surfaces, eventually ending up in skimmer baskets. Even when in skimmer baskets, if items are left sitting they will rot and break apart, becoming even more difficult to remove. Heavier items will sink to the bottom of the pool, resting against liners. Without regular removal, organic debris can cause permanent staining on liners.

Maintaining Water Chemistry: Without regular chemical applications and water balancing, it does not take long for even newly cleaned water to start to go cloudy again. Cloudy or discoloured water not only looks awful but is a serious risk to the health and safety of anyone who steps inside. Contaminated water leads to recreational water illness. RWIs can be everything from eye infections and ear infections, to skin irritations, digestive illness and even e-coli poisoning. A simple testing kit can point out issues with your chlorine level but there is more to water balance than just that. Having our water tested by an expert means monitoring sanitizer levels, pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more.

Visual Inspections of Structures: Your pool is made up of many moving parts. A trained eye can spot issues in nearly every area, allowing pool owners time to fix small repairs early on, before they become worse. For example, in the case of a vinyl liner, a small tear can quickly become worse but it can also be patched quickly and easily.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Cleaning For Pools Across Victoria

Having a pool is great but they do not come without a lot of hard work. When you want to enjoy the sunshine but don’t want to spend hours skimming, scrubbing and water balancing, let our Puddle technicians handle the heavy lifting for you. Each member of the team is not only highly trained, they are heavily experienced and completely insured. Hiring a local pool specialist means excellent results, as well as peace of mind!

By offering a variety of treatment plans that range from weekly cleanings during summer, bi-weekly treatments in the off-season, as well as seasonal care and deep cleans, Puddle technicians keep pools in great shape at any time of year. Whether you have an above ground pool, in-ground pool, an outdoor swim space or indoor model, there is nothing that our experts can’t handle.

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