Victoria Pool Leak Detection

Victoria BC is an amazing place to visit and an even better place to live. Purchasing a beautiful home with a pool is a dream for many but a leak can quickly turn it into a nightmare! Water loss does not just impact the swimming pool itself, it has a ripple effect to the entire surrounding area. If you suspect that you are losing water, call in expert Victoria pool leak detection to provide either a clean bill of health or track and isolate problem areas. 

Whether you are dealing with a pool, spa or hot tub leaks are always bad news! It is inconvenient to have to replace water levels but more than that, it can cause damage to surrounding areas and drive up water bills. If you suspect that you are dealing with a leak in your pool, call a Puddle Pro to locate the leak and isolate the areas, so you can put a stop to water loss quickly and efficiently. 

What Makes Leak Detection in Pools So Complicated? 

Water loss can happen in a variety of ways, some of which include standard evaporation or high use displacing pool water. The first step to water leak detection and repair is to identify that you are actually dealing with a leak. This often means measuring water loss, monitoring surrounding areas for puddles or unexpected water damage and higher utility bills. All of these are indicators that you are dealing with an issue but the biggest sign is when your pool water level begins to drop. 

High temperatures and even a heat wave can cause evaporation in pools and high traffic areas like pool parties or swimming lessons means water is being carried out one person at a time. More often than not, this type of use results in losing 3-5 inches of water on a weekly basis. If you are experiencing more than that, it is time to call in local leak detection services. 

Tracking a leak in your home can mean needing to investigate under sinks and maybe even flooring but when dealing with a pool, it can mean having to manage large portions of a yard or even a concrete foundation. When you want to find a leak it is important to organize in-depth testing of structures, plumbing systems and equipment. Luckily, Puddle pool leak detection services are equipped with the right tools and techniques to test these areas. 

Tracking a plumbing leak behind the scenes or underground is a complicated process but our team of technicians use pressure testing to track them down. A pressure test uses a consistent stream of air flow applied to plumbing and return lines. If there is a leak inside your system, it will create air bubbles or in the case of saturated water, gurgling noises which can be followed using specialized listening equipment. Dye tests, on the other hand are more appropriate for structural leaks. This process involves turning off the pool pump and placing coloured dyes into pool water. Dye weighs more than pool water so they are more readily sucked into the vacuum created by a leak. This means issues can be tracked visually. 

Puddle Pools: Not Your Average Leak Detection Company 

Swimming pool leak detection is a complex process but luckily for pool owners in Victoria, our team of Puddle Pros have got you covered. Each member of the Puddle crew is local to the area so we understand the common causes of leaks and how to track them down. By presenting clients with multiple testing options, Puddle technicians can track down even the smallest leaks in the hardest to reach places. In addition to being highly trained and experienced, Puddle Pros are fully insured to protect services, properties and peace of mind. 

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