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A pool is an investment in your property, both at home and in a commercial setting. Whether you are purchasing a new property, selling your current one or are hoping to keep your swim spaces in great shape, regular inspection is key. The most common times to call for a Victoria pool inspection are during the sale or purchase of a home, but there is never a bad time to call a Puddle technician for a little peace of mind!

It is common enough to call a building inspector to look over the foundation of a house or structure but inspecting a swimming pool or spa is a very different process. Swimming pools should be cared for from the ground, up including everything from water condition, structures and the internal systems that keep them running. If you are looking to ensure that your investment is a sound one, trust the trained eye of a Puddle technician for your Level 1 Pool Inspection.

Understanding Pool Inspection Services

Is there anything more frustrating than buying a product, only to find out it is defective or doesn’t work the way that you want it to? This is bad enough when it is an appliance that can be returned to the store but it is even worse when it is a swimming pool. Following the purchase of a property, any necessary repairs or replacements to a pool system are up to the new buyers. This means costly replacements and repairs at a point in time where new homeowners have already made a massive purchase.

Swimming pool inspections come in different grades, each of which focus on a range of aspects. Some of these include pool compliance inspections for building permits, pool safety inspections which might include having barriers inspected around the pool area. Higher level inspections may come along with structural or engineering reports or may come along with a certificate of barrier compliance. For standard swimming pools and spas that have already been constructed, the most commonly chosen option is a Level 1 Inspection.

A Level 1 Pool Inspection is designed to check functionality and condition of visible components, as well as circulation and filtration systems. Sign-offs from experienced and knowledgeable technicians provide buyers, sellers and homeowners with the peace of mind that swimming pools and hot tubs are in good woking order at the date of sale.

  • Visual inspections of pool sides and vinyl liners
  • Testing of return lines and plumbing systems
  • Water testing
  • Inspection of cartridge or sand filters
  • Testing of safety barriers and features
  • Residential and commercial pool inspections

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as excellent customer service.

Level 1 inspections do not come with written reports that can be used for insurance purposes.

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