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Even with the ocean right outside your front door, nothing beats the heat like taking a dip in a pool. Having crystal clear water at your disposal means access to a great way to relax, stay in shape, entertain and even attract new tenants or guests. Having a water feature is great but it comes with a lot of hard work – unless you call Puddle, that is!

Professional Victoria pool cleaning services can help to balance water chemistry, eliminating bacteria and creating a safe and clean swimming environment. From scrubbing sides and surfaces to balancing pool chemicals and inspecting a filtration system, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle.

What Makes Pool Care So Important?

Swimming pools are a big investment. From installations to proper care and maintenance, these features demand a lot of attention. Even a bit of neglect can lead to serious damage and the need for costly repairs. Instead of relying on basic test kits to give you insight, call in a pool care specialist to keep your system running smoothly.

Health Risk: The overall cleanliness of your pool is based on water. Maintaining a sanitary environment depends on sanitizer and chlorine levels, as well as pH levels and a functional pool circulation system. Without these, bacteria begin to form and spread. This bacteria can lead to minor skin irritations, or other, more serious Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs).

Stains: It is easy to run a skimmer over water surfaces, collecting floating debris. Depending on the type of plant life around your property, there can be plenty of cast-off to worry about. From lighter items like leaves that float along surfaces for a while to needles that are heavy and can sink. If items sink down to the bottom of your pool, they can rot there and leave stains on pool liners.  A pool vacuum might help with some of this debris but it can’t catch everything. A vacuum head, for example, is not angled to reach corners properly so you can expect buildup in hard to reach places.

Equipment: No pool, spa or hot tub is complete with a working filtration system. Without experience, it is easy to miss certain equipment that needs attention. Neglecting a pool filter, for example, can lead to blockages and build up which puts added strain on pool pumps and motors. Added stress on your system can lead to unexpected expenses and extensive repairs.

What Can Puddle Pools Do For You?

Professional pool cleaning and care not only prevents algae, but helps to create a sanitary and inviting swimming environment. Sparkling clean water can be a major attractant to potential tenants, making it important to property managers or it can help a recreational centre stand out from the competition. Boost your foot traffic, keep your rental units full or perfect your backyard pool with a bit of help from our team. 

In addition to water testing and treatment, a trained tech can help to keep an eye on your pool filter system and all the necessary equipment. In addition to motors, it is important to inspect additional items like skimmer baskets, vacuums, diving boards and everything in-between. Whether you are dealing with an above ground pool or an in-ground, Puddle Pool pros can handle pools of all shapes and sizes. Call today for your free estimate!

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