Victoria Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are a hot ticket item during warmer months but the majority of them won’t be used alongside cooler temperatures. It can be difficult to pry ourselves away from the fun of sunshine and summer but proper closing procedures are key to maintaining the condition of your water feature.

Whether you are closing your pool in Fall or getting ready to open up in Spring, Victoria seasonal pool maintenance services can help. Our team of Puddle Pool Specialists can help to clean and prep pools of any size, shape or style. From residential spaces to hotel pools and recreation centres, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle.

Seasonal Pool Care: When, Why and How?

The logistics of your seasonal pool maintenance will depend on a few varying factors, such as whether you are dealing with an above ground or in-ground pool, whether you water feature is outside or indoors and a variety of other elements. Just because you can pull back the cover on your pool does not mean that it is ready for you to jump into.

What Happens Over Winter? When your pool is closed during winter months, it is not being treated for bacteria or unwanted growth. As swimming season comes back around, it is easy to want to take a dive but don’t be surprised if you pull back the pool cover to find unexpected items inside. Bits of debris and even algae are a reality for pool owners. Chances are that water levels were lowered during closing so in addition to refilling water, scrubbing sides and surrounding areas is a must, along with proper chemical treatments. Puddle Pool Services are able to provide a proper pool opening every time.

What is the Right Way to Shut Down After Summer? As warm weather winds down, it can be difficult to say goodbye to pool and spa usage. Prepping your pool for the winter months means treated structures, as well as the water itself. It is no secret that water freezes in winter, causing surrounding materials and mechanisms to expand and contract. Dropping water levels is a must. Shock treatments of chemicals and sanitizer can help to eliminate any outstanding bacteria before closing down.

Winterizing Pool Equipment: The main structure of your pool is not the only thing that needs attention. Prepping your pool for winter means accounting for unforeseen issues as well. Mesh covers, for example, allow light to pass through, reaching water. A bright, warm environment is perfect for algae to thrive. Winter covers provide a closed environment, designed to keep bacteria at bay.

Choosing Professional Seasonal Pool Services

When managing a kiddie pool, you might only need a garden hose but for anything larger, it is always better to call a pro. Seasonal swimming pool services are able to create a safe and sanitary environment, no matter the time of year. Whether draining or refilling, in-ground pools and above grounds will have different needs, and our pool pros know just how to get the job done.

Instead of focusing solely on liners and water chemistry, our team of experts are able to treat surrounding areas and those unseen areas that keep your system running smoothly, such as motors, your pool cover, pump and pressure gauge.

When you want the best for your pool and hot tubs, call locally owned and operated Puddle Pool Services for regular cleanings or emergency services. With the ability to book appointments in person or request a treatment online 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time to set the stage for a clean and sanitary swimming space.

Each member of the Puddle Pools team is fully insured for services, providing peace of mind, as well as excellent results. With service options ranging from weekly to monthly, our highly-trained experts can treat your above ground or inground pool around residential, commercial or multi-unit areas.

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