Victoria Pool Opening

Across the Victoria area, swimming pools are great for tourists and property owners. An accessible swim space is a great way to add value to a home, attract customers in a commercial space, or act as a way to get exercise in a shared space. With so many benefits to pool ownership, it is no wonder that opening systems in spring is such a priority! Calling an expert for your Victoria pool opening means a great look, sanitary space, increased curb appeal and even protect your pool from unnecessary damage.

Pool maintenance throughout the busy season is important to maintaining a great swim space, but it is also important to have a great jumping off point. A professional pool opening service creates a clean slate to start the season. Instead of just looking great, specialized cleaning techniques dig deep into water systems removing stubborn clogs and removing standard bacteria, as well as more stubborn stains, like algae.

Spring Pool Care: What to Watch Out For

Closing down for the winter season means following a multi-step program that addresses everything from winterizing drain plugs, to treating pool water, swapping out pool covers, and more. As the swimming season rolls around, it is important to review any practices that were performed in fall, and undo these steps, as well as adding new ones.

It is common to remove the cover from a pool system after a long period of sitting stagnant, only to find a whole bunch of debris. Even with a cover on, organics, pests, dirt and debris all find ways to sneak into your system. It is easy enough to skim surfaces, but anything else creates a much larger issue. Sunken debris can lead to stains and there may be clogs formed around the filtration system. If there are blockages around your pump and filter, it forces these components to work harder, straining the mechanics, leading to the need for expensive repairs and replacements. Cleaning out skimmer baskets as well as unseen areas is key to ensuring that water can flow smoothly.

Once debris is dealt with, it is important to check your water chemistry. Before anyone sets foot into a water system, it has to be thoroughly treated and balanced. Tests strips can point out issues with the chlorine level inside a pool or hot tub but they can’t help to apply algaecides. After months of sitting idle, there is likely algae, bacteria and discolourations. An amateur approach to this can result in RWIs (recreational water illnesses) that pose a serious risk to health and wellness for swimmers.

When it comes to pool equipment or a cover, cleaner is always better. Changing out your cover is important, but so is monitoring your pool filter, Changing out a sand filter is a complicated process, complete with heavy lifting. An expert is able to read pressure gauges, assessing whether or not it needs to be changed out.

Calling An Expert To Open Your Pool

Anyone can vacuum the pool bottom, but proper pool cleaning requires a top to bottom approach. Having water tested and treated, structures inspected and mechanisms tested, you can rest easy knowing that you are starting the season off with your best foot forward. Call a Puddle Pro today to make the most out of your spring and summer.

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