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The City of Victoria is an amazing place to visit and an even better place to call home. Whether you are passing through or putting down roots, properties in Victoria have a lot of character and a lot of that comes from swimming pools! From hotels and commercial spots, single family homes and multi-unit properties, the swim season is an incredibly busy time for homeowners and property managers. As the bookings slow down and temperatures drop, it is easy to overlook the needs of your pool. Even a bit of neglect during the fall season can lead to unexpected damage and the need for costly repairs. Professional Victoria pool closing services protect pools during the cold season, reduce running costs and the need for premature repairs and replacements.

Closing your pool for the winter is not as simple as throwing on a cover and hoping for the best. The internet is full of tricks and tips for fall pool maintenance and while some of these are useful, others are common myths that can cause more harm than good. Ditch DIY practices and the risks that come along with it by calling an expert for your fall pool care.

Seasonal Pool Care: Closing Pools or Keeping Fall/Winter Schedules

British Columbia is known for mild winters but that doesn’t mean that swimming pools can be left out in the cold. Water systems and structures are built to be tough but they are not invincible. Without proper winterization or customized treatment programs, cold weather can bring on damage to both surfaces and internal mechanisms. Missing a single step in the closing process causes a ripple effect throughout water systems and that is why our experts have broken it down into a multi-step approach.

Managing Water Levels: It takes prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures to turn a pool into an ice rink but smaller amounts of water are always at risk of freezing. Water that is sitting inside return lines or plumbing lines can freeze over, making plastic components brittle and expanding inside pipes. This expansion may not seem like a serious issue but it can quickly lead to burst pipes.

Prepping Pools For Winter: Failing to keep up with sanitizer applications will cause imbalanced water chemistry. Poor water balancing will cause pools to go cloudy or discoloured and makes algae growth more likely. An application of winterizing chemicals is always a good idea to reduce potential damage and risk.

Inspecting Pool Equipment: In the same way that reducing water levels protects water circulation systems, so does caring for your pool equipment. Winterizing drain plugs keeps water from seeping into sensitive areas where it can freeze and cause cracking. Visual inspections of liners from a trained eye can point out potential problem areas, making it possible to choose small repairs instead of large-scale replacement. This is also the ideal time to check up on filtration systems for both cartridge filters and sand filters. Installing solid winter covers can also protect water condition throughout the cold season.

Unlike a full closure, a seasonal pool program maintains the condition of your pool water, structures and circulation systems throughout the off-season. Closing a pool system means that it often goes unchecked for months at a time. This means pulling back a pool cover in spring to reveal a swamp. Bi-weekly pool cleanings maintain sanitizers and chlorine levels as well as emptying skimmer baskets, removing debris, inspecting liners, the pool pump, filters and more.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results For Every Pool Type

Swimming pools and hot tubs can be found all across Victoria on all property types. After years of experience in the industry, our local technicians are able to provide expert closings and off-season treatment programs for any make and model from a recreation centre pool and fitness centre, hotel, spa, and more. Whether you have an above ground pool or in-ground model, our technicians can help to protect your water systems from the cold.

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