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During the summer months, there is no better way to spend a hot day than outside by the pool. For businesses in the area, offering a clean and inviting swim space is a sure-fire way to keep members, tenants and customers happy. When temperatures cool, an indoor pool lets swimmers stay in shape or have the option to relax in a hot tub.

Whether you are a storefront, fitness centre, spa or multi-unit housing property, keeping your water systems flowing is key to keeping swim spaces sanitary. Professional Victoria commercial pool services keep water crystal clear, sanitary and free of debris.

Unlike a single family home, a commercial swimming pool sees high traffic throughout the year, not just during the spring and summer seasons. Residential pools might have several individuals in and out of water every day, but a hotel or fitness centre can see dozens, if not hundreds. High traffic has a major impact on pool water chemistry, the level of debris in your systems and even the condition of pool equipment and structures. Keeping up with the needs of a busy swimming pool is tough on your own, but with a bit of help from a Puddle technician, it is a breeze.

Pool Care For Businesses: Treatments, Schedules & Testing

Anyone can visit a pool supply store to stock up on tools and chemicals but putting these to use is a complicated process. Just because you have skimmed out floating debris and thrown in a chlorine puck does not mean that pool water is clean. Proper pool maintenance requires treating the visible areas of your swim space, as well as the inner workings. If pool components become worn down and break, it can have a negative impact on your reputation or your sales day. Instead of diverting time from the daily running of your business or having to pay for costly maintenance services, trust a Puddle Pro instead.

Water Condition: Chlorine levels are only one aspect of maintaining pool water chemistry. In order to keep water sanitary, it is important to keep an eye on pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. If water is imbalanced, it creates a health and safety risk to everyone inside. Contaminated water is known to cause RWIs, or recreational water illnesses like ear infections, skin irritations, digestive issues.

Debris Removal: In an outdoor environment, the main sources of debris inside swimming pools are organics like leaves, sticks, seed pods, needles, pollen and more. In an indoor space, you might find everything from bandages, candy wrappers and more. Lighter items will often be trapped and held by skimmer baskets and filters. Sunken items will sit at the bottom of the pool, looking awful and potentially driving away customers. A standard pool vacuum head is unable to reach into hard angles, leaving debris and bacteria behind.

Cut Back on Running Costs: Whether you are a small business or a larger one, everyone wants to keep their overheads down. Hiring expert pool cleaning services might seem like an added expense but it can actually end up cutting down on daily running costs. Clogs or blockages reduce water flow, making systems work harder and using more energy to keep things running smoothly.

In addition to daily use areas, commercial pool cleaning can be used throughout the real estate industry to boost curb appeal and provide peace of mind through Level 1 Inspections, or can be applied as part of a post-construction clean up. There is never a bad time to start a pool cleaning program that works for you, or to open your swim space for the season.

Hotel Pool Care: Customized Programs For High Traffic Spaces

Victoria is a hot spot for tourists from all over the world. Tourists have tons of options for hotels but a swimming pool can help yours stand out. Keep your pool clean and inviting for guests with a bit of help from a local Puddle Pro. With options for routine cleaning programs that range from once weekly service, up to five times per week, there is nothing that our Puddle technicians can’t handle.

From sole proprietorships, small businesses and larger companies, maintaining a sanitary swim space is necessary. When enlisting a professional pool service, businesses can rest assured that they are getting an in-depth clean at an affordable price. Instead of focusing on pool water alone, our technicians inspect, test and clean internal components to make sure that your filtration system is always running smoothly.

Depending on the traffic in your pool and surrounding area, once a week cleanings and inspections might not be enough. That is why Puddle technicians offer a wide range of pool programs for commercial spaces that vary from cleanings one a week, up to five times. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, experienced and fully insured to provide the best results, peace of mind and customer service in the Victoria area.

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