Uxbridge Water Feature Maintenance

A water fountain can be the crowning jewel of your landscaping project or a focal point for the interior design of an indoor lobby. As appealing as a clean water feature can be, a dirty one will send foot traffic running in the other direction. Dirty water looks awful, smells awful and can have a serious negative impact on internal water systems. Keep your systems clean and running smoothly by booking Puddle for your Uxbridge water feature maintenance. 

No matter the type of water feature that you are dealing with, proper cleanings should always be a priority. An outdoor or garden fountain is always at the mercy of the elements and that means having to deal with debris, algae, overflowing water levels and a whole lot of headaches. Indoor fountains don’t deal with the same level of contaminants on a daily basis but that doesn’t mean they don’t need regular cleanings. When you want to keep your structures, systems and water in great shape, just call to clean your fountain regularly and keep things flowing. 

Water Fountain Cleaning Made Easy: A Multi-Step Approach 

Outdoor fountains and swimming pools are up against the elements in the same way but they do not get the same level of attention. It is a lot easier to remember to apply chemical water treatments in swim spaces but fountains are often overlooked. Pools and hot tubs also come along with covers that are designed to keep unwanted items out but fountains don’t. This makes regular cleaning extremely important. 

In order to keep up with the needs of a feature, our Puddle Pros have broken the cleaning process down into multiple steps for a thorough cleaning and better curb appeal. 

Deep Cleans: If you are taking over an existing water feature or haven’t been able to keep up with the condition of your fountain you are likely in the market for a deep cleaning. Without a regular cleaning schedule your fountain is likely full of debris, algae growth and foul smelling water. Over time, pool condition will start to wear down on structures and internal water systems. A bit of wear and tear is normally but if your water system is struggling it won’t take long for damage to occur. 

If your fountain is in need of a little extra TLC, our Puddle technicians have got you covered. Puddle Pros will apply chemical treatments to sitting water that will flow through lines and equipment, dislodging debris from internal areas. Water is then drained and concrete surfaces can be scrubbed and acid washed to remove any stains, discolourations and grime. Once structures are clean and internal components are inspected, it is time to add water again and balance water for a cleaner, more appealing look. 

Routine Cleanings: A deep clean can take years of buildup off of surfaces but they won’t stay clean for long without a routine cleaning program. Keeping a fountain cleaner means treating both the areas that you can see and the ones that you can’t. It all starts with removing debris. For wider water features, cleaning can involve wading in to scoop out unwanted items. Taller fountains can mean having to step up on slippery surfaces or using ladders to reach those higher areas. 

In addition to getting rid of debris from basins, it is important to make sure that there aren’t clogs around filters or building up around important equipment like the fountain pump. Cleaning the pump should be a part of regular cleaning routines, along with filter and flushing out water lines. 

The Puddle Guarantee: We Keep Your Fountains Running Smoothly 

With years of experience under our belts Puddle technicians have water fountain care down to an art form. Instead of struggling with trial and error only to end up dealing with a DIY disaster, let an expert handle the heavy lifting for you. Our teams service features of all shapes, styles and sizes both indoors and out. 

Whether you are in the market for a routine cleaning program, a single deep clean or your want to prepare your water systems for cold weather, our team of local technicians are here to help. With options for booking your water feature care online or by-phone, there is never a bad time to book your next Puddle Pools service. 

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