Uxbridge Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Swim spaces might get the most attention when it is warm outside but pool maintenance is a year-round process. Ontario might be a winter wonderland but while you are skating, your pool is up against the elements. Whether you are looking to close down for the winter or open up in spring, professional Uxbridge seasonal pool maintenance is key to keeping swim spaces in great shape. 

Seasonal pool care isn’t just about the look of your swim space, it is about overall condition of systems and structures, as well as the safety of anyone that steps inside. Dipping a toe into contaminated water can have serious health consequences and recreational water illness. As much as you might want to dive in when the weather starts to get warm, you can’t kick off the swimming season without a bit of help from a Puddle Pro. 

Keep Swimming Pools In Great Shape: Openings & Closings Made Easy 

Unlike hot tubs, swimming pools aren’t meant to be left open all year long, especially not in Ontario! When the temperatures begin to drop, your water systems are at risk. Just throwing on a pool cover might help to keep some debris out but it can’t protect it from the cold. An improper closing can lead to damaged equipment, structural issues and even burst pipes and flooding. 

Fall Pool Care: Traditionally, the swim season rounds off after the September long weekend but this isn’t always the best time to close your pool. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees it is time to book a closing service. When dealing with an inground pool it is important to drain the water level so it falls a few inches below the jets and skimmer lines. 

This, combined with winterizing plugs keeps water from getting into internal pipes and systems where it can freeze and cause damage. It is then time for a thorough pool cleaning and application of specialized winter chemicals. Algaecide reduces the risk/rate of algae growth while winterizing chemicals work to prevent freezing as well. 

Spring Pool Care: After a long winter, pool openings are a top priority for home and business owners. If your swim space has been sitting idle for months at a time, it will take more than a basic cleaning to restore condition to pool water, surfaces and systems. Simple test kits aren’t thorough enough to balance chemistry of a contaminated pool but our Puddle technicians know how to get the job done! 

The first step to a proper cleaning is to remove any debris that has built up over the off-season, raise water levels and apply an initial shock treatment. This will clear away cloudiness and help to eliminate some of the algae growth that has taken hole inside water. It will take multiple applications of chemicals to restore water chemistry. Puddle technicians don’t just focus on chlorine levels but balance pH levels, calcium and total alkalinity as well. Sides are heavily scrubbed, manual vacuums suck up unwanted items and pool filters, pumps and lines are inspected. 

The Puddle Guarantee: Start the Swim Season Off Right 

Whether you are looking to close pools for the winter or open back up in spring, there is nothing that our local Puddle Pros can’t handle. Our highly trained and experienced Puddle crews clean surfaces but they also check your pool equipment for signs or wear and tear or damage. When you want to make the most out of the swimming season, all it takes is one call to a local expert. 

Instead of relying on a calendar date, it is best to treat your pool according to the weather. The best time to open your pool for the season is when the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees. In fall, closings should be done when temperatures reach 15 degrees. In addition to seasonal pool care, our local experts offer a range of service options ranging from weekly cleaning programs, all the way up to cleanings five times per week for commercial swim spaces. 

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