Uxbridge Hot Tub Maintenance

A hot tub can add a ton of enjoyment and value to a home or commercial space but this doesn’t come without a lot of maintenance. It is easy to spray a few chemicals and scrub out a bathtub when it starts to look a but grimy but cleaning a tub or spa is a much more complicated process. You can’t just pull the plug on a spa when water goes cloudy and that is where our team of local Puddle Pros come in. Puddle technicians provide reliable Uxbridge hot tub maintenance that focus on water care, clean shells and smooth running systems. 

It is easy to fill up a brand new tub with a simple garden hose but this water won’t stay clean for long without regular chemical treatments. Simple test strips aren’t enough to maintain a sanitary place for swimmers. Instead of stocking up on tools, chemicals and equipment, let a Puddle Pro bring expert results right to your front door. 

Hot Tub Cleaning Made Easy: Trust a Puddle Technician 

The easiest way to keep your spa clean and running smoothly is to have someone else clean it for you! Every year homeowners and commercial managers try to tackle cleaning and maintenance on their own only to end up with subpar results. Just because you are dealing with warm water doesn’t necessarily mean that it is clean. Cloudy or discoloured water isn’t just ugly — it is dangerous! 

Stepping into contaminated water can quickly lead to recreational water illnesses (RWIs) including irritated skin, eye and ear infections, digestive issues or, in extreme cases, e-coli poisoning. Relying on a test kit is a sure-fire way to end up with dirty water, so leave it to the experts! 

Routine Cleaning Programs: Nothing guarantees a successful clean like consistency. Anyone can throw in a few hot tub chemicals here and there but when you want results it is always best to create a routine. For the average spa a thorough bi-weekly cleaning (every second week) is enough to maintain water condition and keep internal systems in good, working order. When you book with Puddle, we develop specialized treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of your system. Puddle technicians will arrive on the same day every second week, applying specially developed chemical treatments, removed debris, emptying floating skimmer baskets and assessing return lines and filters. 

Deep Cleans: Cleaning your hot tub regularly is great but deep cleans should be a part of your annual routine. This process involves having to drain and clean surfaces and systems for improved output, better functionality and an overall cleaner swim space. The process all begins with a special combination of chemicals that run through internal lines and systems, loosening any dirt, grime or buildup that has formed inside and dragging it out into the hot tub water. It is then time to drain the hot tub. Once empty shells, jets and headrests are scrubbed clean. After all of the surfaces, nooks and crannies are scrubbed clean it is time to refill the hot tub. Technicians will then return for a final water cleaning and balancing. 

In addition to water care and cleaning it is important to focus on internal systems and components like spa filters. Keeping a filter cleaner improves the output if your water system, using less energy and reducing water bills, as well as reducing strain on plumbing lines and equipment. Ask your Puddle technician about our optional Full Shampoo service which involves cleaning exterior shell surfaces and the hot tub cover for a full-service clean inside and out. 

Puddle Pool Services: Hot Tub Care at its Finest 

After years of industry experience, Puddle technicians are able to get the best results for hot tubs in residential or commercial spaces. Instead of offering one type of treatment our team of experts provide customizable plans that cater to the unique needs of your swim space. Whether you are looking to have a professional clean the filter in your system, are in the market for specialized water tests or are hoping to have your spa cover cleaned, there is nothing that we can’t handle. 

Any time that you find yourself dealing with water and electricity in the same space there is always a risk of danger. An improper draining combined with forgetting to switch off the circuit breaker can result in serious damage or even personal injury. Don’t take a risk on a DIY approach when you can call a local expert instead. 

Puddle crews offer great results, peace of mind with fully insured staff and services, combined with affordable rates and transparent pricing so you are never surprised with higher than expected bills. 

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