Uxbridge Pool Leak Detection Services

Nothing can put a stop to your summer fun faster than a pool leak. More than just losing a bit of water, a leak in your pool makes it impossible to balance your water chemistry. In addition to this, a leaky pool will cause damage to the foundations of your swim space and the surrounding areas. Avoid damage by calling Puddle for your Uxbridge pool leak detection services at the first sign of water loss. 

Swimming pool leaks aren’t one-size-fits all issues and will vary from swim space to swim space. If you notice that your pool is leaking water, it might be an underground plumbing leak, a structural leak or the result of physical damage or faulty parts. Instead of assuming that the leak in your pool isn’t a big deal, let a local Puddle Pro inspect and assess the cause of water loss and isolate the problem area to repair leaks. 

Leak Detection in Pools: How It Works 

One of most obvious signs of a leak in a swimming pool is a drop in water level. If your pool is full to the skimmer line one day and 3 inches lower the next, it is time to assess your swim space. There are plenty of things that will impact your pool water and this will cause natural water loss. High heats and lots of swimmers will cause water to evaporate or get carried out of the pool. It is important not to mix up natural water loss and leaks. 

The easiest way to tell the difference between natural water loss and a leak is by measuring your water levels. During high heats it is common to see anywhere between 3-5 inches of water loss over the course of a week. If you see more than that, it is time to be concerned. The process of a Bucket Test involves putting a bucket of water next to the poolside so they are exposed to the same elements. Mark the water level in each. If after a couple of days the water level in the pool has dropped more than in the bucket, you are dealing with a leak. 

Once you’ve determined that you are dealing with a leak, it is time to figure out what type of leak it is. 

Plumbing Leak: A leak in pool plumbing will often occur underground in inground pools. This can be caused by aging materials, root damage or just corrosion. The best way to identify these is with pressure testing. This involves applying a steady stream of airflow to water lines. When this air stream comes into contact with cracks it will create water bubbles in return lines or gurgling sounds in the case of saturated soil. 

Structural Leak: Anything from a broken tile, slab crack or torn vinyl liner can result in what is called a structural leak. Dye tests can identify problem areas that are difficult to see. This process involves turning off pool pumps and once water goes still, strategically applying coloured dyes to pool water. Dyes are heavier than water and will be drawn to any area where water is seeping out. From here, all we have to do is follow the colour trail. 

Puddle Pool Services: Leak Detection and Repair Made Easy 

Even with regular pool maintenance, leaks have a way of sneaking up on you. It’s easy to overlook a small tear in a pool liner but it won’t take long for that to turn into a major headache. If you are noticing unexplained water loss, a higher than usual water bill or pooling around your swim space, don’t wait to call a Puddle technician. 

Puddle technicians will come out to assess both above ground pools and inground models around homes and businesses. In the event that we find a leak, you can expect timely referrals to repair experts in your area. 

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