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In Ontario, winter can seem like it lasts forever. It’s no wonder that everyone gets excited when temperatures begin to warm and ice starts to melt. These are signs that the swimming season is right around the corner, so how are you going to get ready? For pool owners, pulling back pool covers after the winter can be a scary sight. Taking water from swampy and green to sparkling clean and usable takes time and skill, so leave your Uxbridge pool opening up to Puddle Pool Services. 

Unlike a natural swim space, swimming pools can’t regulate themselves and that makes them a prime location for bacteria and algae to grow and spread. Basic testing kits might help you balance pool water that has already been restored but these simple tools aren’t enough to turn your swim space into a clean and usable one. Don’t waste time and money on a DIY approach when you can call an expert for all of your spring pool care needs. 

The Best Way to Open Your Pool 

Over the course of the winter months your pool probably hasn’t been getting much attention. It is easy to think that because you aren’t swimming in it, it doesn’t need to be cleaned or chemically treated but this can have a serious impact on your opening in spring. If you see cloudy or green water, a bit of pool shock might improve visuals but that doesn’t mean that you can dive in! 

The best way to open a swimming pool for use is with a multi-step approach: 

Step One – Undo Your Closing: Closing down for the winter months is a complicated process with a lot of moving parts. When you want to open back up, the first step is to reverse all of these processes. Dropping water levels and winterizing plugs are common practice when closing, so in spring the first steps are restoring water levels and opening drains so chemical treatments can flow through. 

Step Two – Ditch Debris: Next up is an initial shock treatment and getting rid of any unwanted items that might have found their way underneath pool covers. It is important to remove any debris that is sitting in pools, and that means skimming floating items off of water surfaces, vacuuming up sunken items, scrubbing away residue, emptying skimmer baskets and cleaning filters wherever necessary. 

Step Three – Balance Your Pool Water: Creating a sanitary swim space means properly balanced water. Test strips might be able to point out some issues with water imbalance but they aren’t enough to help restore condition after months of sitting idle. Proper water chemistry means balanced chlorine levels, pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Pool maintenance isn’t a seasonal chore, but something that needs to be done all year round. Trying to take spring pool maintenance into your own hands can mean prolonging the process and missing out on the first warm days of spring, or can end up with subpar results and the possibility of recreational water illnesses. Don’t take a chance, call a Puddle Pro instead. 

The Puddle Guarantee: Pool Opening Services That You Can Count On 

Make the most out of the swim season with a bit of help from a local expert. Each member of the Puddle team is local to Uxbridge and the surrounding area so you can always expect timely service and insider knowledge. Ditch the trial and error and opt for highly trained and experienced technicians that have got pool openings down to a science. 

We get your swimming pool open for use and check your pool for any signs of distress, damage or problem areas. In addition to the opening itself, our technicians offer helpful tips on storing your pool cover, cleaning your pool filter and keeping systems running smoothly. 

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