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West Vancouver is known for its natural beauty, with tourists flocking to its shores every year. With a beautiful landscape, it is no wonder that more and more property owners are looking to bring this natural beauty home. A water feature is a great way to add a bit of personality to your home or commercial space, but this only works when the system is clean and running smoothly. Without proper care, a water feature can quickly go from a showpiece to a nightmare, so call a Puddle technician for the best possible results for your West Vancouver water feature maintenance needs. 

Great Results For Outdoor and Indoor Water Feature Care 

Despite having similar mechanisms that keep them going, garden fountains and indoor models have very different needs and require different cleaning solutions. In addition to helping your fountain run, regular care and maintenance can help to protect your water feature for the long haul. In an outdoor space, water fountains are subject to organic debris and algae growth. Outdoor features are always at the mercy of the elements, so it is important to keep up with shifts in weather and the changes of the season. 

In an indoor environment, water fountain cleaning might be primarily focused on interference from guests, such as spills, man-made contaminations and even small items like pennies. If chemical levels are imbalanced, you might be experiencing bacteria build-up, as well as an accumulation of mineral deposits or white scale. Each bit of debris or build-up contributes to the overall health of your water system. Even with years of experience owning a water feature, it can be difficult to know what to look for in regard to caring for the mechanisms inside. 

When you hire an expert for your water fountain care, they do more then clean your water. After years of experience, Puddle technicians have a trained eye and know exactly what they should be looking out for. Even a quick visual inspection can help a Puddle Pro identify potential issues, before they turn into a disaster. Even if this seems simple, taking the time to remove the pump from larger fountains can be complicated, and time consuming. An expert can provide timely services, with great  — and guaranteed! — Results! 

Even with mild winter temperatures, fountains can be struggling throughout the fall and winter season. As the weather begins to take a turn, it is important to consider just what to do with your water system. In order to protect the individual pieces of your water system, it is always a good idea to drain the water, so it falls below skimmer lines and water inlets. By dropping the water level, the risk of freezing is reduced, as well as the risk of weakening and breakage caused by the cold. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Results For Your Water Feature Cleaning 

Caring for a water feature requires a lot more than a simple white vinegar solution in distilled water. In order to ensure that your system is not being overrun with bacteria, it is important to keep your sanitizer levels up, and your debris levels down. Balanced chemicals prevent algae growth and encourage smooth water flow. By getting rid of surface clutter or debris, unnecessary stresses are removed. Getting rid of unnecessary wear and tear prolongs the lifespan of your system, reducing the need for expensive repairs and costly replacements. 

When you want to remove debris and leave your system running smoothly, call a Puddle Pro today. Our team of experts have seen it all, and found a way to clean it! From all different types of algae, to mineral scale and other invasive growth, to clogged filters and more, there is nothing that our pros can’t handle. In addition to great results, our experts provide peace of mind with fully insured technicians and services. 

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Michael and Jason are our regular Puddle guys. I was asked if we were happy with the service, I wanted to pass on the note that we have never had an issue and are always satisfied with their service. They know their stuff, there’s never any guesswork and you get a play-by-play yeah email which I love.

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