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No matter where they are, swimming pools are an investment, adding value and enjoyment to any property. Whether you are just dipping a toe into pool ownership or are experienced with these water features, there is nothing more important than regular cleaning and upkeep. Professional West Vancouver pool cleaning can keep water and materials sparkling clean and bacteria free.

Caring For Your Pool and Spa

Pools and hot tubs can be an endless source of fun but they can also feel like an endless source of hard work! Even a light breeze can send leaves tumbling down, cluttering up water surfaces, along with seed pods and even bugs. At the best of times, these issues can be solved with a quick skim but letting them sit can be a real issue.

The elements work quickly. All it takes is 3-7 days for pools to begin showing signs of distress, normally in the form of discoloured water. When your pool water begins to go from clear blue to a teal or begins to show clouds, it needs immediate attention. Skipping another week can mean the first stages of algae.

Algae is problematic, no matter where you find it. The difference between algae formation in a lake and in a pool, is that a pool is an enclosed area. With no real water flow, algae has the perfect opportunity to spread and spread, until it takes over. More than an ugly look, this can mean harmful e-coli over time.

Balanced Pool Cleaning Services

One of the biggest aspects of pool maintenance and cleaning is balancing your chemicals. Imbalanced pH levels can mean high acidity, which is known to damage pool liners and additions. Corrosion can also damage ladders and lights, along with nuts and bolts around the area.

At Puddle Pool Services, our pool and spa experts offer maintenance services including regularly scheduled cleaning and care. Just getting rid of the gunk is not enough to keep your pool clean. In addition to expert customer service, our Puddle crews are able to inspect and treat filtration systems.

West Vancouver Pool Cleaning

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