Niagara Falls Water Feature Maintenance

The Niagara region is home to one of the most impressive water features in the world but you don’t have to travel all the way to the falls when you want to enjoy the serene sounds of flowing water. Outdoor water fountains are great additions to any home or commercial space but they can be demanding and require regular cleanings and care. It can be tough to keep up with the needs of fountains outside and indoors but our Puddle Pros are here to help. Calling Puddle for your Niagara Falls water feature maintenance keeps water clean and flowing all year. 

When you want to keep your fountain running, consistency is key!  Water feature care is not a once a year activity but requires chemical treatments, debris removal, filter cleanings and system checks — and that doesn’t even include deep cleans! If this sounds like a lot, it’s because it is! Without technical training or the right tools for the job it can feel impossible to keep up with the demands of your water system, so leave the heavy lifting to an expert. Enjoy all the perks of a water fountain without any of the hard work by calling a Puddle Pro today. 

What Makes Water Fountain Cleaning so Tricky? 

When you want to keep your fountain running smoothly it is not as simple as removing debris and hoping for the best. In the case of a garden fountain even one missed chemical treatment can result in cloudy water, discolouration or algae growth. When you start to notice staining or mineral deposits, it will take more than a bit of mild soap to get rid of them. 

When you start to notice buildup around a bathtub, sink or shower, it is standard practice to grab a bleach-based cleaner but your fountain doesn’t work like that. Using harsh chemicals or tools will melt away protective coatings to cause damage to surfaces. 

Depending on the size and style of your fountain, just getting rid of debris can be a huge pain. For wider fountains you might find yourself wading into water to reach items that have collected in the middle of basins while taller fountains with multiple tiers will mean having to get up on a ladder or stand on slippery surfaces to reach higher areas. One wrong move can result in serious injury, so leave these areas to the experts! 

Puddle Pool Services: Water Fountain Care Made Easy 

Indoor fountains might not be at the mercy of the elements in the same way that outdoor models are but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t threats to indoor systems. Keeping your fountain cleaner means treating surface areas as well as the internal systems that keep water flowing. Instead of putting all of our focus on one area, Puddle technicians break the cleaning process down into multiple steps that treat features inside and out. 

Water Treatments: The chemical balance of a fountain is often overlooked. Just because you aren’t swimming in a fountain doesn’t mean that you should be dealing with cloudy or dirty water. Regular chemical treatments and balancing are a must to maintain crystal clear water. 

Debris Removal: Speciality tools can help our Puddle Pros reach even the hardest to reach areas, collecting unwanted items and allowing filtered water to flow back into systems. 

Check/Test Systems: When dealing with complex features it can be difficult to even track down the fountain pump. A wall fountain may have special panels that hide hardware while outdoor models might have storage sheds or boxes buried nearby. When you want to clean the pump and filters it can mean dismantling systems which is a job for the experts. 

Deep Cleans: Even with routine cleaning programs it is important to deep clean systems on an annual basis. This means having to drain the water, acid wash concrete structures or scrub liners. The water level can then be restored and chemical treatments leave fountains looking better than ever. 

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