Niagara Falls Hot Tub Maintenance

An accessible hot tub can help users stay cozy on a chilly evening, soak sore muscles after a long work day and add value to a home or commercial spaces. Spas might add character and enjoyment to a property but they also add a lot of responsibility, namely keeping them clean! Damp, dark and warm areas are the ideal space for algae and bacteria to thrive and that means your hot tub. Regular Niagara Falls hot tub maintenance keeps water clean and running, so you can kick back and enjoy your water systems. 

What Makes Hot Tub Cleaning So Difficult? 

When you start to notice discolouration on the surface of your bathtub, most property owners would be quick to reach for bleach-based cleaners and scrub brushes. Taking this same approach with a spa will lead to stripping away protective coatings and leaving ugly scratches or damage behind. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a DIY disaster, let an expert handle your hot tub care instead. 

Unlike a swimming pool, you can’t just flip the switch on an automatic pool cleaner inside a spa. These areas are much smaller and much more complicated because they have seats and steps to contend with. Instead of a standard pool vacuum hot tubs require a specialized hand vacuum that traps and holds bits and pieces of debris while letting filtered water pass back through. 

The more that your hot tub is used, the greater the likelihood of contamination. On average, a hot tub requires bi-weekly cleaning and water balancing to remain safe and sanitary. Instead of just monitoring sanitizer levels like chlorine or bromine, it is important to balance pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Spa water might pull focus during a cleaning routine but it is important not to overlook the circulation and filtration systems that keep water flowing. Puddle technicians provide expert insight and cleanings for hot tub filters, pumps, floating skimmer baskets and even exterior areas. In order to provide the best possible services to our clients, Puddle technicians are committed to not only great results, but excellent customer service, affordable rates and the peace of mind that comes from fully insured staff and services. 

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