Niagara Falls Pool Leak Detection

When visiting Niagara Falls you expect to see flowing water — but you don’t expect to see it around a swimming pool! Water loss around a swimming pool can occur naturally or be caused by a leak somewhere in your water system. If you suspect that one or more areas of your pool are losing water, don’t hesitate to call Puddle for your Niagara Falls pool leak detection. 

Part of what makes leak detection in pools so complicated is figuring out if you are dealing with a leak at all. When dealing with an above ground pool, spotting problem areas is easier because structures and plumbing lines are visual. Managing an inground pool is more difficult because plumbing lines, structures and equipment are underground and difficult to access. Don’t struggle with an amateur approach or end up with a DIY disaster when you can leave your swimming pool leak detection to the experts. 

Pool Leak Detection: What to Watch Out For 

At the height of summer high heats might cause evaporation in your pool, which will burn off water and cause a noticeable drop in your water levels. When the temperatures are up pool owners want to make the most of their swim spaces and that means pool parties. If evaporation causes water levels to drop, high traffic makes it twice as bad. On average these factors will cause pools to lose 3-5 inches of water on a weekly basis. If you are losing more water than this or find yourself having to refill water levels on a daily basis, it is time to consider a leak. 

Traditionally if pool owners notice large amounts of water loss they will turn to a tried, tested and true method: the bucket test. This type of test involves placing a bucket of water next to a pool so they are both exposed to the same elements.If you mark the water levels in each of these, it is possible to measure loss in each. If the rate of water loss in the pool is greater than the rate of water loss in the bucket, it is a sign of a leak. 

Structural Leaks: This type of testing can help to identify leaks caused by cracks or physical damage in concrete pools or in pool liners. This process involves turning off the pool pump and waiting until water is still. Once still, coloured dyes are placed strategically in basins. Because dyes weigh more than water, they will be sucked in by the vacuums created by leaks. These colours can be tracked visually. In the event that you are dealing with a small tear in a vinyl liner, it can be repaired quickly with a vinyl patch but over time will grow larger and need a full replacement. 

Plumbing Leaks: If you suspect that you are dealing with plumbing leaks a pressure test is the best way to point out problem areas. This process involves applying a steady stream of air to return and plumbing lines. When this air comes into contact with a crack or opening it will create air bubbles. Bubbles can be tracked visually or, in the case of underground leaks air will come into contact with saturated soil and create gurgling sounds. 

Pool Leak Detection Services For Homes & Businesses 

Puddle technicians provide in-depth pool leak detection services that not only identify problem areas, they isolate them for service and repair. Puddle crews do not perform leak repairs but we are well-connected throughout Niagara Falls and the surrounding area. Once we have identified your problem areas Puddle technicians are able to provide referrals to local experts for all your leak repair needs. 

By offering a wide range of services for your pool our team of technicians provide peace of mind that your systems are running smoothly. With options for routine cleaning and pool care programs, as well as seasonal treatments, deep cleans, service calls and pool inspections, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro. In fact, we have booking options available by phone or online 24 hours a day so you can reach out whenever you’d like! 

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