Milton Water Feature Maintenance

Your water fountain has the same needs as any pool or hot tub, but is often given much less attention. When kept clean, a water feature is a great way to add character to any home or commercial space but when they are in bad shape, fountains can wreck your curb appeal. Algae growth, foul smells, white scale, mildew, and mineral deposits are all signs that your fountain is in need of servicing. Professional Milton water feature maintenance services not only clean your fountain, they can balance water, boost curb appeal and reduce running costs and utility bills.

Proper water feature care happens in stages, each of which address a vital part of what makes your fountain run. Regular cleaning practices should include water treatments and balancing, debris removal, and inspections of structures and internal mechanisms. When you want to keep your water feature clean, it is best to consult an expert for in-depth treatments.

Water Fountain Care: What Makes Your System Tick

The core components of water fountains might be similar but the needs of water systems will differ depending on size, style and surrounding area. When dealing with a garden fountain, algae growth and built-up debris are causes for concern where indoor models might be more prone to mineral deposits and white scale.

While some fountains have simple designs, others are more complex and ornate. Larger fountains will often have multiple tiers, which become increasingly difficult to reach and see into. This means these areas often go unnoticed for long periods and are prone to having algae buildup and blockages caused by debris, damaging structures.

Outdoor fountains are prone to debris buildup. Any time there is a strong wind, surrounding plant life will lose pollen, leaves, seed pods, needles, pinecones and other items. It is easy enough to skim out larger items at the ground floor but as lighter pieces sit, they can rot and break apart. These smaller pieces can clog up filters and become lodged in vulnerable areas. In the case of most fountains, the pumps and motors can be found in larger, structure models or can be found in a nearby storage container.

It is no secret that cold weather can be damaging to certain structures and your fountain is no exception. Dropping the water level in your system can prevent water from seeping into vulnerable areas and freezing, making plastic brittle and potentially causing expansion and burst pipes. Taking the time to remove the pump for cleaning and storage, along with detachable items can help to preserve condition and prolong lifespans of internal components. This saves costs on premature repairs and replacements.

Milton Water Fountain Cleaning: Excellent Results, Every Time

Even with regular cleaning practices there will be a need to replace the water in your system. Adding fresh water seems simple but proper draining demands a technical approach. Improper draining can lead to flooding, leaks, water damage and rot. Amateur draining and even cleaning can mean damage to necessary systems like an electricity outlet. Any time electricity and water are in the same area, it is a good idea to call an expert.

Each member of the Puddle Pools team is fully insured to protect properties, technicians and the structures themselves. With options for routine cleans as well as service calls and system refreshes, there is never a bad time to call an expert to get your fountains clean.

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