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A swimming pool can help Milton residents make the most out of the summer months but keeping these clean can take up a lot of your leisure time. Don’t spend your sunny days skimming and water balancing when you can be doing cannonballs instead! When you want excellent results for your swim space, call a Puddle Pro for your Milton pool cleaning needs.

Anyone can visit a pool supply store for a testing kit, chlorine pucks or even to purchase a pool vacuum. As accessible as these tools and resources might be, it can take years of trial and error to figure out how to put them to use. Every pool has its own set of unique needs and characteristics according to age, type and surrounding area. By hiring an expert pool cleaning service, you can skip the trial and error, getting the best results throughout the swim season and all year long.

Pool Maintenance: Keeping Water Systems Clean

It is easy to get bogged down with water care when dealing with a pool but there is more to a swimming pool than just that. When you want great results for your swim space, it is important to clean and inspect all the parts of your pool, from water condition, the filtration system, liners, pumps, motors and more.

Water Care: Keeping your water clean and sanitary is a top priority for all property owners. Without proper application of pool chemicals, water will start to look cloudy, can smell, may show off algae blooms, experience residue and hold onto bacteria. Swimming in contaminated water can result in recreational water illness, leading to skin irritations, eye infections, stomach illness and even e-coli poisoning in extreme cases. Test strips can help pool owners to identify issues with chlorine levels but often neglect other necessary chemical levels. Having water tested by an expert means monitoring sanitizer levels, total alkalinity and pH levels.

Keeping Pool Filters & Systems Clean: There are plenty of ways that debris can make its way into a pool system. During high heats, pollen and plant growth is at an increased rate. A windy afternoon or walking traffic in the surrounding area can dislodge tons of organics, letting them fly into pool water. Larger items like leaves will rot and break apart if not removed, sending small bits and pieces into skimmer baskets and filtration systems, where it creates clogs. Heavier items will sink to the bottom of the pool and if not removed quickly, will lead to permanent stains on liners or organic growth on concrete pool bottoms.

Structural & System Inspections: At first glance pools seem like simple structures but they are much more complicated than they appear. Without technical training, it can be tough to identify problems with a vinyl liner, small cracks in plastic components like the pool pump or leaks around pipes. Highly trained and experienced technicians are able to perform visual inspections of vulnerable areas, identifying existing issues and potential ones before they become worse.

Puddle Services: Expert Pool Care in the Milton Area

If you are noticing issues within your swim space, don’t hesitate to call an expert to clear cloudy water, ditch debris and restore your water systems. Making professional pool service a part of your routine maintenance not only protects swimmers but the individual components of your pool, as well. This means improved efficiency, which means lower utility bills and eliminates the need for premature repairs and replacements.

As the seasons change, our team of experts highly recommend seeking out professional care for your pool opening or closing. Start the season off on the right foot and stay there with a bit of help from a Puddle Pro! With options for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning as well as seasonal care and system refreshes, there is something to suit every property at Puddle Pools.

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