Milton Seasonal Pool Maintenance

The needs of swimming pools will change along with the seasons. Cold weather brings on the need to close a pool while the first days of spring are a great time to open up your system again. Whether you are preparing for the swimming season or are closing down in preparation for fall, our team of highly trained Puddle technicians are available to help. Professional Milton seasonal pool maintenance creates sanitary swimming spaces, while preventing damage and helping systems run smoothly.

The key to keeping your swimming pool in great shape throughout the year, is a proper pool closing and opening. These practices go hand-in-hand and when they work in tandem, preserve structures, protect internal components from damage and can even reduce the costs of running a water system.

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do & When

During warmer months, the main focus of pool owners is keeping water clear and removing debris from the basin, skimmer baskets and filtration system. These are all important aspects of your pool care and maintenance but as seasons change, so do the needs of your swimming spaces.

Pool Closing: There is no exact date to close down your pool but it is good to consider your closing when the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees. As temperatures get lower, the chances of water freezing increase. It would take prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures for an entire pool to freeze over, but smaller amounts inside systems will freeze much quicker. If water freezes inside the filtration or circulation systems, it will make plastic components brittle and will cause warping and expansion. In order to make sure that this isn’t the case, it is a good idea to drop the water level and winterize drain plugs. In an above ground pool, water bags can be used to prevent water from freezing.

Pool Opening: When opening up again in spring, it is important to consider what was done in fall. Removing debris is at the top of the priority list, along with the addition of pool chemicals and water balancing. If any pool equipment or components were removed during the closing process, they should be reinstalled and the pool filter and plumbing lines should be inspected for cracks.

Preparing your pool for a brand new season cannot be done in a period of 24 hours but needs a multi-step approach over the course of 3-4 days depending on the current condition of your swim space. As simple as draining the water from your pool might seem, an improper approach can lead to complicated issues, namely leaks, water damage, flooding, rot and even electrical issues. Don’t take a chance with your swimming pool when you can call an expert instead!

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results At Any Time of Year

It can be difficult to keep track of every necessary step in an opening or closing. Missing just one element of your seasonal pool care can have a ripple effect throughout the year. After years of experience in the industry, our team of highly trained Puddle technicians are able to treat pools of any shape and size around homes, commercial properties and communal spaces.

In addition to having water tested, expert pool services are able to examine everything including the pool pump, water lines, vinyl liner and more. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured and highly informed. We provide peace of mind, as well as helpful tips and tricks for keeping your water systems in great shape, no matter the time of year.

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