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If you are thinking about buying a home with a pool, don’t sign those papers without a proper pool inspection. A swim space might look clean and inviting at a glance but there is always the possibility that there is something going on just below the surface. Swimming pools are made up of a lot of moving parts, each of which needs to be in good condition to maintain a healthy swim space. Instead of taking a risk on a used water system, call a Puddle Pro instead. Milton pool inspection services offer insight into water systems, components, equipment and overall condition.

No one wants to finalize the sale of a house only to find out that there are leaks or damage inside pool systems and getting stuck with costly repairs. A standard home inspection might take a quick look at pool surfaces but they do not dig into the components, pool equipment or plumbing lines that keep water flowing. Professional pool inspection services offer insight into swim spaces, inside and out.

The Benefits of Swimming Pool Inspections

Having a professional inspect pools does not just improve the visuals of a swim space, it can provide insight into costs, function and help property owners understand just how their swimming pool is impacting the day to day of homes and commercial properties.

Anyone can perform a visual inspection of a swimming pool but without technical knowledge you might not even know what you are looking at. Experienced Puddle technicians are able to identify even small problem areas. A small tear in a vinyl liner will become larger over time, creating big headaches and eventually needing a full replacement.

Visual inspections can tell you a lot about your swimming pool but they can’t tell you if pool pumps are running. Getting a read of the condition of the pool circulation systems means in-depth testing of heaters, motors, pool pumps, return lines and plumbing. If water isn’t flowing as it should be, experts can offer treatment plans about how to improve output or organize necessary repairs.

If you begin to notice that water levels are dropping quickly without reason, there is a good chance that you are dealing with a leak. Leaving an active leak inside pool systems can lead to damage, as well as an increase in daily running costs. A pool inspection can help to determine whether you are dealing with a leak behind the scenes, as well as offering pressure testing and leak detection.

Don’t rely on a home inspector to judge the condition of a pool just by visuals alone. Call the experts at Puddle Pool Services for invaluable insight. It is important to note that Level I pool inspections do not come along with a written report and cannot be used for insurance or permitting purposes.

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