Milton Pool Leak Detection

A swimming pool is a great way to spend a summer morning, afternoon or evening! When you are ready to soak up the sunshine there is no better place than a pool but a leak can ruin that pretty quickly. A bit of water loss is common during the summer season but if you find yourself having to refill pools daily only to wake up to low water level, you might be dealing with a leak. A leaky sink is a problem but is often easy to identify and can be handled with a bucket until plumbers arrive — pools are not that easy! If you suspect you are dealing with a leak, call Puddle for affordable and efficient Milton pool leak detection services. 

Leak detection in pools is not a simple process. Instead of just giving a pool a quick visual inspection, tracking down leaks means assessing structures, plumbing and the pool equipment itself. Any pool, spa or hot tub is vulnerable to physical damage, corrosion (particularly in salt water systems), along with wear and tear. Figuring out which one of these you are dealing with is key to solving your issue but this is easier said than done — until you call Puddle, that is! 

Pool Leak Detection: Identify, Locate & Isolate 

One of the hardest parts of Canadian leak detection is just figuring out if you are dealing with a leak in the first place. A bit of water loss is normal during the summer months so it is easy to write-off a reduced water level but if it is a leak, the longer you wait, the worse it becomes. If your pool is losing water, it has to go somewhere! Over time, underground leaks will shift soil under and around pool structures putting weight on more vulnerable spaces and leading to breaking. This doesn’t just apply to swimming pools but pool decks and even walkways in the surrounding area. 

In addition to shifting soil, displaced pool water around foundations of homes or commercial spaces can flood basements, soften construction materials meaning rot, mold and water damage and will drown lawns and ruin landscaping. With all of that considered, if you are losing more that 3-5 inches of water over the course of a week, don’t wait to call an expert! Unexplained puddles near poolsides and high water bills are all indicators that you might be dealing with water leaks. 

Identifying a leak is the first step to solving your problem and the next one is to find out what sort of leak you are dealing with. When you want to find a leak, it is important to check on several aspects of your swim space, including structures and pool liners, equipment and components and plumbing and return lines. Now, that is a lot! Lucky for you, Puddle technicians are equipped with the top testing equipment and techniques to track down problem areas efficiently. 

A pressure test is best suited to tracking down leaks in plumbing lines. This involves applying a steady stream of pressurized air to lines. If air flow comes in contact with cracks or leaks, it will create a stream of bubbles that can be tracked visually. In the case of underground leaks, air streams will create gurgling noises in saturated soils that can be followed with speciality listening equipment. A dye test works to track down leaks in structures of a vinyl liner. Dye testing involves switching off the pool pump and letting water settle until still. From there, coloured dyes are strategically placed in water, where it will be attracted to any open/leaking areas. As the colours move, they create a trail toward leaks. 

Puddle Leak Detection Services: The Best Results in Milton 

When you are dealing with a leak, quick action is key to the best possible results. If you notice a drop in your pool water level or have performed a bucket test and it indicated a leak, don’t hesitate to call a Puddle Pro! Our team of experts are highly knowledgable, outfitted with top industry tools and safety equipment and are fully insured to protect properties and provide peace of mind. 

With options for booking appointments by-phone or online, clients have access to our services 24 hours a day. In addition to providing care for homes, Puddle technicians are available to service commercial spaces as well. Whether your swim space is outside, indoors, there is nothing that our experienced crews can’t handle. 

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