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Throughout Ontario, the winter season can feel like it lasts a lifetime. When the sun finally does come out, it is tempting to want to throw back a pool cover and start to enjoy the spring season but there is more to it than just that! Before you step foot into a swimming pool, it is important to make sure that it is clean and sanitary and that means in-depth cleaning and water balancing. Calling an expert for your Milton pool opening service simplifies your spring pool care while getting the best results.

Starting the summer off on the right foot can make regular pool maintenance throughout the season a breeze, but getting a clean slate doesn’t come easily! When firing up your water system for the season it is important to inspect any and all components, ensuring liners, mechanisms and internal components are all in good, working order.

How to Open Your Pool: The Best Way to Get Great Results

The best way to open your pool is to understand exactly what happened when closing. Fall pool care often means dropping the water level, winterizing plugs and removing detachable components so they can be dried and stored. A water level can be restored by running a garden hose but forgetting to reinstall some of these vital components can stop your system from functioning properly.

After months of disuse, it is common to remove the cover from a pool system only to find cloudy water, algae blooms, and a ton of debris. When this is the case, it is vital to add pool chemicals, remove debris and perform visual inspections of liners and components.

If there is algae inside pool water, it is important to add algaecides, as well as chemicals and sanitizers to begin to balance the chemical levels. A simple test kit can point out issues with chlorine levels but these do not identify pH levels, total alkalinity or even the presence of algae. Even with a winter cover, debris finds a way of sneaking into pool systems. Lighter items float along water surfaces and heavier pieces sink to pool bottoms. Anyone can vacuum the pool but these tools are not designed to reach into corners, hard angles or areas around stairs.

Freezing temperatures can have a negative impact on the overall condition of your pool system, so inspections are key to protecting your swimming pool throughout the summer season. Frozen water can cause plastic to become brittle and can lead to warped materials or burst pipes. It is also possible for small tears to form in vinyl liners. It is easy to overlook a small crack or tear, but as time goes on they will become worse. Taking the additional step of restoring drain plugs, inspecting pool pumps and pool heaters can ensure that you are not dealing with damage caused by leaks and are not having to deal with higher utility costs.

Puddle Pool Service: Making the Most Out of the Swim Season

When you want great results for your swimming pool, ditch the basic test strips and opt for professional pool openings. Combining expert closures and openings makes it possible to get the full lifespan out of your equipment and components, as well as creating sanitary spaces that protect swimmers from heath risks and irritations. Planning ahead for spring means hitting the ground running and being able to enjoy the warm weather without sacrificing your leisure time!

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