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Having an accessible swimming pool throughout the summer season is great, but what happens when the temperature drops? Whether you are closing your pool for the cold season or are preparing for an extended vacation, it is always a good idea to close your swimming pool for prolonged periods of disuse. A proper closure prevents your pool from unexpected damage and extends the lifespan of shells and components. Professional Milton pool closing service protects swimming pools and paves the way for an easy opening in spring.

When you are looking to close your pool for winter, it takes more than just throwing on a winter cover and switching off the motor. Stagnant water is prone to algae growth, discolouration, a cloudy appearance, foul smells and other unappealing issues. Failing to close a pool properly can mean being unable to use your swimming pool during the early days of spring and can result in the need for expensive repairs and replacements. When you want to make the most out of the swim season, call a Puddle Pro for the right results and insight to keep your pool in great shape.

Fall Pool Care: The Best Way to Close Your Pool

Even if you are experienced in pool ownership and maintenance, every system is unique. When the fall season comes around, it is important to understand how cold weather and natural debris will impact the overall condition of your swimming pool. In order to protect your plumbing lines and internal components, it is important to treat your pool in a multi-step approach that addresses everything including water, equipment, mechanisms and everything in-between.

When closing out a pool for the winter, it is important to consider how freezing water will impact your internal mechanisms. Small amounts of water inside lines, pumps, motors and other vulnerable areas will freeze much faster than an entire pool. In addition to making plastic brittle, frozen water expands up to 9%, which can cause pipes to burst. Winterizing drain plugs prevents water from seeping into return lines and stops it from reaching the pool pump and other vulnerable areas.

Even when a swimming pool is not being used regularly, it is important to keep an eye on chemical levels. Applying a treatment of pool chemicals can help to increase the sanitizer and chlorine level, reducing the risk of algae growth throughout disuse. During a closing, it is also important to check on filters to determine condition and whether or not they need to be replaced. This applies to cartridge filters themselves, as well as the sand in sand filters.

The best way to prevent debris from becoming an issue is to cover your pool. Even when covered, debris will find a way to sneak inside, littering pool water and filling up skimmer baskets. A standard pool cover is not meant to carry any weight so in the case of households with young children or pets, installing safety covers might be the better option. These are not meant to be stood on but they can handle the weight of an adult in the event of an accident.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Swimming Pool Closures Across Milton

Local pool technicians understand what your water systems are up against and how the climate plays a role. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is time to shut down your pool to avoid unexpected freezing. Booking a closure ahead of time means being able to relax and enjoy the last days of the swim season without having to worry about what comes next.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured and highly experienced to get the best results possible for pool systems around homes, commercial properties and communal areas. Closing an above ground pool or in-ground model might seem similar from the outside but these do have different requirements. Overlooking just one aspect of the closing process can have a ripple effect throughout the year, wearing down on the different aspects of your pool — so let an expert handle it instead!

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