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A cold plunge in the morning or a relaxed evening swim can be great for your health. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a swimming pool but cleaning it out isn’t one of them! Pool care can eat into leisure time, taking away from your summer fun and leaving behind subpar results. Calling an expert for your Milton residential pool services means getting the best results for your swim space, while you kick back poolside!

Pool care at home is not as simple as skimming out leaves and throwing in a chlorine puck every now and then. As a property owner, you are responsible for everyone that steps foot into your pool. Even a bit of neglect can lead to bad visuals such as discoloured or cloudy water and can lead to bacteria existing in the water. Contaminated pool water is a risk to health and safety, and it is also a risk to the overall condition of your circulation or filtration system and its components.

Residential Pool Care: The Best Way to Care For Your Swimming Pool

In order to take care of a swimming pool, it is important to understand how they work. Unlike a simple kiddie pool, you can’t just fill an empty basin with water and hop in. Over the course of the year your pool goes through a lot. In order to keep up with the needs of your system, it is important to treat not only pool water, but the pool filters, pumps, motors liners and more. Without technical training, it can be tough to keep up with all of these moving parts, so let our Puddle Pros lend a hand!

Water Condition: Maintaining water chemistry is just that — chemistry! When treating water it is important to consider all of the different aspects that need to be balanced. Keeping an eye on chlorine levels with a testing kit is great but for the best results, pH levels and alkalinity need to be monitored as well. Without the right level of sanitizers, you can expect to see algae blooms, bacteria buildup and residue. Too many chemicals can lead to skin irritations while too few can lead to eye and ear infections and digestive issues.

Debris: It is common enough to see leaves or insects floating along water surfaces. Pool filters will often suck up these items, carrying them into skimmer baskets. While lighter items float along surfaces, heavier items sink to the bottom of the pool. A pool vacuum is able to pick up some smaller, sunken items but these tools cannot reach into hard angles or tight spaces and cannot climb stairs, leaving many areas untouched. Smaller items can break apart, clogging skimmer baskets, and creating blockages in lines, preventing water from flowing and putting strain on water systems.

Circulation Systems: Keeping your water circulating is key to keeping pools clean. Without movement, pool chemicals just sit in one area of your pool, leaving other areas untreated. If there are blockages around lines, it will stop water from flowing through freely, making motors and pumps work harder. This will drastically reduce lifespans of necessary components, leading to premature repairs and replacements.

Seasonal Care: During the summer months, pools get a lot of attention but can be neglected during the spring and fall. A proper closing in fall protects the different components that keep your system running and helps to create an easier pool opening in spring.

The Puddle Guarantee: Not Your Average Pool Cleaner

Anyone can buy test strips and a pool brush but putting these to use requires careful practices. Before you shock your pool, consider calling a Puddle technician for the best results possible. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians are able to treat pools of any size and style, both outdoors and inside. By offering weekly treatment options during spring and summer months and bi-weekly services throughout the fall and winter, Puddle Pros keep your system running smoothly all year long.

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